Our fellow blogger Raf*Bey has a request, I kinda enjoy what he writes, and Aqoul is an interesting group, so I'd like to post his request here as well...

the analysis-and-comment group "aqoul" has been nominated for the 2nd european weblog awards in the category "best non-european weblogs".

and ... since ... WE WANT THAT BEAR IN A BLUE SILK PAYJAMA ... i'm asking you to click on the link to aqoul, read it, and then - overwhelmed by its greatness - follow the next link to the vote, and vote for us.

So head over there, check it out.... you haven't got much to lose.


At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:41:00 PM, Blogger End racism said...

Interesting blog. Hadn't come across it before. Voted for it. Lagging behind (in second place) though at the moment by a considerable margin.

At Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:42:00 PM, Blogger Ziad El Ahmadie said...

Hello everybody, love your blog and please consider this invitation:

Pro Helvetia – Cairo Liaison office would like to invite artists from the region (Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia) to apply to its residency program in Switzerland for 2007. These residencies are open to PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS working in the following fields: Video, Photography, Installation, New Media, Painting, Drawing, Theatre, Music, Dance and Literature.

The artists will have the chance to explore the art scene in Switzerland and develop contacts with Swiss artists….
Pro Helvetia provides the artists with a round-trip ticket, accommodation + studio space, per diem (CHF 1500/month), medical insurance, transportation card valid within Switzerland and limited production fee.
Deadline for application is July 1st. Applicants shall receive an answer in October 2006.

more info is available at my blog



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