The Shebaa Pastures

I love the article in today's An-Nahar, where Walid Jumblat responds to critiques from Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah. Jumblat says this:

لا بد من لفت النظر الى ان ما ورد في خطاب السيد حسن نصرالله (اول من امس) غير صحيح. لقد توافقنا بالاجماع على استعمال كلمة تحديد بدل كلمة ترسيم، وهو نفسه قال ان كلمة ترسيم قد تزعج السوريين، ولذا وجدنا مرادفاً لكلمة ترسيم وهي تحديد وذلك من اجل الوصول الى الوضع النهائي لمزارع شبعا

Loosely translated, he said, "We would like to point out (unanimously) that the speech of Sayeed Hassan Nasrallah is without reason. Participants of the roundtable talks have agreed to use the term 'specification' (تحديد) instead of 'demarcation' (ترسيم). He himself said that the word 'demarcation' might bother the Syrians, so we found a synonym of the word 'demarcation', 'specification', and we will use this instead to finalize the issue of the Shebaa Farms."

Is this why the issue of the Shebaa Farms is still being debated? Because of 'demarcation'? If we started calling them the Shebaa Pastures, the Shebaa Meadows, or even the Sherbet Granges, would the borders be easier to draw? I can't believe this is what the roundtable has been spending its time on.

Such a fantasticly mundane example of Orwellian politics. In the USSR, execution was 'liquidation'. In the US, anti-abortion is 'pro-life'. Here, demarcation is 'specification'.

I would not be surprised if Lebanese politicians start trying to define things such as sexual relations.


At Thursday, April 27, 2006 2:07:00 AM, Blogger Maldoror said...

Very nicely put :)

At Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:10:00 PM, Blogger Jamal said...

way to fuck up the book with that lame movie they made

At Thursday, April 27, 2006 2:57:00 PM, Blogger Delirious said...

Tsk! You guys are forgetting the most important lesson the book teaches us:
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others
Wallaw ya jame3a!


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