People of UAE ...

In support of the current situation in Lebanon, the Lebanese consulate and embassy have organized a Required for Relief items list.

Please find the list below.

If you are interested in sending any of the listed items or other things, which you think are essential too, please send them to:
*Abu Dhabi: MICCO, Abu Dhabi Port, going straight from the gate, it is the last building to your right side. They expect your donations (unpacked/packed) from 8 am till 5 pm. For more information about their location please call: 02 - 6730971.

*Dubai: General Consulate of Lebanon, Bur Dubai, in the Consulates area. They expect your donations (unpacke/packed) from 9 am till 6pm. For more information about their location please call 04 – 3977898.

Required for Relief
Food Stuffs:
* Milk, diapers, children food
*Canned food (corn beef, tuna, cheese, murtadel, sausage, jam, corn, etc.)
*Rice, pasta, sugar, salt etc.
*Various grains
*Cooking tools (pans, cutlery, etc.)

*Diarrhea, antibiotics, fever antidotes, painkillers etc.
*Medicine for chronicle diseases (heart, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.)
* Medicine for skin diseases and burns
*Sedatives, IV, Water Purification Chlorine, Sterilized Surgical Gloves, Kidney-
Wash Kit, Bandages, etc.
*Medicine Coolers/containers

Lodging & Mechanical Tools:
*Batteries, torches, candles, matches, etc.
*Lodging tents
*Blankets, mattresses, etc.
*Electricity generators with the powers: 5, 10, 20, 30 KVA
*Bulldozers, cranes, etc.

Fire Extinguishment Tools:
*Fire fighting Vehicles
*Fire Extinguishers (different sizes)
*Fire Extinguishing Fluid
*Water hoses for the fire extinguishing vehicles

Please feel free to add whatever you think is important. Thank you for your kind gesture. Bless you all.


At Sunday, July 30, 2006 7:31:00 PM, Blogger Johannjs said...

A solution to end the war in Lebanon

The Lebanese could take their fate into their own hands, and not wait for the US to tell Israel to stop (actually, we know the US has rushed and is rushing more bombs to the Israelis for the continuation of the "war", which is clearly no more than the coldblood onslaugh by the Israelis of Lebanese civilians using US precision laser-guided bombs)

Don't WAIT for a cease-fire!

My solution to immediately end this continuing massacre is this:

All the refugees who had fled must now rise from their shelters and, with their children, march back south, unarmed, and drive the Israelis army out of South Lebanon.

If you agree with me, then please suggest this solution by posting on all forum boards which you know.

Thank You.


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