A Phone Call with her

Me: Allo!Hi! how are you.. mm where are you!
she: I Just reached Hethrew airport in UK..
Me: So, how was your workshop in Washington?
she: Exhausting.. (sigh)
Me: Lot of work, hah?
She: It was the trip which was exhausting and the surrounding events as you know..
Me: kheir?? What happened?
She: Well I was stopped in my way to Washington and was investigated.
Me: off!
She: Eih walla.. They say it's random security checking after they see your passport.. (laughing) How random it is..
Me: 1 minute.. 1 minute.. wheren't you going to the workshop as a part of your work?
She: Yes..
Me: So? Aren't you working at the American embassy and this is an official invitation??
She: yeh yeh.. that's right..
Me: I don't understand..
She: Well, they didn't believe it and investigated me for like an hour and a half. They made me miss my second flight and told me I can manage to get another one. .And when they were certain, the officer tried to release the pressure and began joking.
Me: yeh.. always like that, what did he say?
She: he asked me to excuse him. ad he laughed saying: "who knows? maybe you are a Hezbollah member"
Me: Is that supposed to be funny?
She: To his level of thinking, yes.. Anyway I was wearing a skirt and high heels, and you know I don't wear Hijab.. The funny thing that when I put after that my luggage to be checked in, the machine beeped..
Me: (laughing)
(continuing).. It's amazing how everything collaborate against you in a moment. I was putting my luggage in a standing-way.. and the woman went crazy and emptied my luggage asking me if I have any liquids inside.. Anyway, they found nothing..
Me: (laughing) Yeh as they say, you can't know the terrorists. Maybe they are coming to blow something wearing high heels in such a time and don't forget that they will try not to be suspicious by claiming that they work in American embassies.
She: (laughing)
Me: (sigh) So.. How was your workshop, who were the participants?
She: Me from Lebanon, 2 from Afghanistan, one from Sudan, and the last who arrived was from Pakistan..
Me: (laughing) a bunch of little terrorists..
She: (Laughing).. yeh, you bet..
You know it's very uncomforting there. When I was there, newspapers were talking about a special passport for Muslims.
Me: That can't be serious!
She: I don't know.. People know nothing, I watched CNN and FOX and other channels for a while and got depressed. They were showing some broken glass in Israel.. Anyway, it's over..
Me: Don't worry.. I was investigated too when I came here.
She: yeh?
Me: yup.. But I prepared my files before coming, everything had a suporting document. They photocopied everything in my pockets.
She: No way!
Me: yeh yeh.. there was an old fitness club membership card which I forgot to get rid off. They photocopied it also although it was obvious and it was English-written.
She: (laughing) My God these guys are in a mess.
Me: They asked me if I pray regularly and when they opened the hand-bag, they panicked when they saw the Quran..
Me: Immediately they told me about the middle east hot spot.. and mentioned Israel..
She: what did you say?
Me: I said nothing.. I smiled.. you know? ibtisemeh safrawiyyeh.. And said a part of the Bible.
She: mm.. Anything they didn't search?
Me: My boxer..
She: (laughing).. Got 20 seconds left.. how's your family, friends ? Are they all ok? No bombs fell near where they live?.. are you ok? ..
Yeh.. I'm ok..


At Saturday, August 26, 2006 11:13:00 PM, Blogger The Blue Samosa said...

This should put things into perspective:


At Monday, August 28, 2006 7:08:00 PM, Blogger hummbumm said...

pretty funny, but sorry there was no talk of a special passport in the states in any reputable newspaper, NYT, WSJ WP etc... Gimme a break, though of course you can use your old haweeyeh which has your deen emblazoned for all to see.

At Monday, August 28, 2006 7:30:00 PM, Blogger hillz said...

maybe it was in some extremist nespapers. she just told me so..


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