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As some of you know, I am half Armenian. Yes, that adds another cause to my list. The Armenian Genocide.

The Armenian Genocide started on April 24th, 1915 and last for several years. Approximately 1 800 000 Armenians were killed. This genocide was the first of it's kind and many believe if the Turks were punished at the time, then Hitler would have never tried to get rid of the Polish or the Jews. A crime unpunished, is a crime encouraged. Hitler even mentioned this is once; he said if no one remembers the Armenians, who would remember the polish?

90 years have gone by and all we ask is for Turkey to recognise the genocide... I also ask for Turkey to return the invaded land to Armenia and to stop destroying Armenian landmarks.

I just finished watching a documentary called, "Armenians of Lebanon." This film tracked the start of the genocide and how the Armenians travelled from Armenian to areas in Syrian and Lebanon showing how they had developed in those areas. I found it of real interest to me.

I have also tried my best not to add gruesome pictures since a lot of you have been complaining about my pictures....

God why, why god, so many dead.
'No Genocide' they say.
Death has spread its cold black breath,
Onto thousands and thousands,
Kids, elderly, men, women.
Humans like animals slain.
Their corpses, in their homes, in deserts and fields.
Rivers of Armenia have turned red.
What was their guilt to deserve such a horrific fate?
Their nationality or religion?

Babies killed innocence still in their eyes,
Separated from their mothers,
Who are raped and killed by Ottoman soldiers.
Many threw themselves into rivers not to give their body.
Many starved to death in deserts.
Many heroes fell in a fight for survival.
All around pyramids of corpses. 1.5 million lives lost.
And in this dark hour, when day turned into night,
When light disappeared from sky,
Innocence, happiness faded into pain, grief, and revenge.
A day became nightmare, life turned into hell.
On this day of April 24, 1915.
And they still say ‘No Genocide',
but we shall never forget.
They wanted to kill one nation in one day.
And when? In the doorstep of 20th century.
And right in front of the civilized world.
Cry Armenia for your sons and daughters,
For their souls still wait for justice after 90 years.


At Monday, April 25, 2005 3:27:00 AM, Blogger End racism said...

Hey Rampurple, I didn't know you're half-Armenian. I'm half-Armenian too. The Armenian half of my family was originally from Sasun, and they went through Der Zor, Mosul, and eventually settled in Aleppo. I still have a few relatives in Aleppo but most of them have left to the States, Armenia, and England.

By the way, I know that alleged statement by Hitler is a classic citation whenever one's talking about the Armenian Genocide, but I am afraid there is no proof that it exists. The closest we have is a copied (not original) transcript provided by an American propagandist.

Have you heard of Siamanto (Adom Yarjanian)? You should read one of his poems called "The Dance". I recommend the Armenian version.

Anyway, I was in Ottawa today on the occasion. I have a huge rant coming up on my blog. I also had an earlier post on the genocide, in case you (or anyone else) cared to read. I will be posting pics from Ottawa as well.

I heard that they're not going to do anything big in Lebanon this year, although I don't recall that it was big in Lebanon on April 24 anyway. Well I usually don't go to these things. I prefer staying at home and thinking instead. I'm not a very outdoors person when it comes to commemoration ceremonies..

Anyone have any pics of any events in Lebanon?

At Monday, April 25, 2005 5:31:00 AM, Blogger End racism said...

Ahh, ok, regarding my last question, I did find some pics.

At Monday, October 10, 2005 5:46:00 AM, Blogger Farid said...

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