I decided to play "à la journaliste" today. Rampurple was kind enough to answer my questions. She was one of the first bloggers in this forum before mysteriously vanishing, leaving us with more than one question in mind. Some of you might not know her, others may still be intrigued by what had happened. Here is Rampurple herself, letting it all out:

Eve: I guess the primary question is (the one that is confusing everybody) why did you suddenly stop blogging?

*Rampurple smiling cheesily*
It's not an easy question really. For those of you who don't know, rampurple was my second blog. I first started blogging on qhate.com with a group of friends. qhate.com turned into a war blog and it got me addicted to blogging. So I started rampurple, my personal blog. The whole purpose of rampurple was a personal diary for myself while I was adjusting to my return to kuwait. It wasn't easy returning to kuwait and adjusting to it, especially since I fell in love with lebanon. Once i adjusted to Kuwait, I decided I should stop, but I couldn't since I was addicted. The blog turned political with all the chaos that had been taking place in lebanon.
Keep in mind, when I first started "Rampurple", I only had a few visitors per week. The visitors were countries that were not in the MidEast, therefore I did not mind it. My blog reached 300 to 350 visitors a day. The visitors were from all over the world, but a lot of them were from Kuwait and Lebanon. It scared me that people were reading intimate details of my life, and some even had events of my life memorized, whereas for me those events were distant memories that I have moved on from. That is when I realized it is time that I should stop blogging, and remove my blog.

Eve: Was it hard to adjust to the post-blogging period? Were there times you wanted to go back?

Rampurple: It was extremely difficult. My mind was still in the "Oh! I should blog about this" mode. I tried not to blog, but 10 days later, I blogged on Savior Machine... I posted there a few times, and on LBF a few times, but I am over it now. I have considered going back, but luckily I kept myself busy.

Eve: How did you first discover about blogs, and what made you want to start your own?

Rampurple: My friend Nibaq and my brother Mark asked me if I would be interested in joining them on qhate.com. At first I thought it would be difficult, but I was told all I have to do is sign in, type, and publish. Little did I know, that 2 months later I was going to start my own, and later even learn html to design my own template!

Eve: Do you remember the first comment you received on your blog? How did it make you feel to know there is someone out there, reading and interacting with your thoughts?

Rampurple: I believe my first comment on "Rampurple" was from a person named Brainhell. I don't recall if I was happy that someone was reading my blog.

Eve: Any funny incidents you encountered with blogging?

Rampurple: A few that I would like not to discuss.

Eve: Any unpleasant ones?

Rampurple: A few that I would like not to discuss.

Eve: What are your favorite blogs? Why?

Rampurple: waiterrant.net I discovered this blog only a few months back. I loved it. I ended up reading it from start till end and always wait for a new post. I love the way he describes events, I love his style of writing, I love his sense of humor. I simply love this blog.

Eve: What do you think of the Lebanese bloggers and of LBF?

Rampurple: I am impressed by the amount of new blogs that have started within this past year. It's about time the Lebanese are being heard! As for LBF, I like the concept, but it's gotten quiet lately. I guess all of us have gotten used to posting about bombings, explosions, and exploitations. There is more to that in Lebanon. (Eve says: Hear that? Wake up people!)

Eve: How long have you been in Kuwait? Is your identity torn between Kuwait & Lebanon (in other words, how much of you is Kuwaiti, how much is Lebanese)?

*Rampurple gets a dreamy look*
I was born and raised in Kuwait. I lived in Lebanon when I went there to get my university education. I fell in love with it, and truly, wholeheartedly became Lebanese. I didn't have a Kuwaiti mentality since I have always studied in private American and British schools and travelled a lot in my life. So I was really confused about my identity when I went to Lebanon. No one knew what "title" to give me... and it felt essential to feel like I belonged somewhere. Well, I fell in love with Lebanon, and most particularly the Jbeil area. I loved life in Lebanon but once I graduated I didnt find a reason to stay in Lebanon since the economy is a shame and my family are here. Therefore, the answer to your question is that I am and always was 0% Kuwaiti, and became 100% Lebanese during my stay in Lebanon.

Eve: Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished so far (personally & professionally)?

*Rampurple grins proudly*
I am extremely proud of myself. I feel that I have accomplished so much both personally & professionally and I feel that if I do continue down this path I will reach a place where not only will I be proud of myself, but those who love me and know me will be proud of me as well.

Eve: Do you look at what is happening in Lebanon nowadays with a positive or negative eye?

Rampurple: I believe that it is extremely confusing. I definitely see a lot of changes occuring... changes I always longed for, but I have a problem of my own: I don't trust Lebanese politicians. I don't trust that the "new power" / opposition, will lead us to the right step... at least not yet. I hope they do...

Eve: And finally: is there a chance your blog might go back to life?

Rampurple: You never know... ;)

Eve: What last question would you have wanted me to ask?

Rampurple: I can't think of any.

Eve: thx for accepting being my first interviewee :)

Rampurple: walaaaaaawz... anytime!


At Tuesday, September 13, 2005 11:28:00 PM, Blogger a h m a d said...

Very interesting interview, Eve; I couldn't stop before finishing it all.

I guess what Rampurple mentions about people "reading intimate details of my life" is necessary for all of us (bloggers) to watch over; it is scary when 'strangers' are following the details of one's life!

Thanks Rampurple for sharing your experience with us. :)

At Wednesday, September 14, 2005 2:35:00 PM, Blogger Ramzi said...

Thanks Eve for that insight into the greatest disappearing act on this forum.

More of these... PLEASE!

(I nominate Tempest)

At Friday, September 16, 2005 10:51:00 PM, Blogger Rampurple said...

Thank you Eve! I was honored and flattered to be interviewed first.

Thank you Ahmed and ramzi... "greatest disappearing act" ?! :P

I nominate tempest as well... it was fun!


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