Meeting on the Patio

Last night, Friday 19 May, we had a great blogger meeting filled with new faces, lively conversation, and plenty of food, drinks, and chairs.

Bob told animated stories. arch.memory and lebanon.profile talked architecture. Jamal talked internet capacity, DSL, and the sad state of the internet in Lebanon that will continue for years to come. Mustapha and blogger from blogistan talked business, tariffs, logistics, moving freight, the cost of sending electronics from San Diego to Beirut, company logos. Maldoror noted the blogosphere's lack of comprehension of his recent post. It was universally noted that Eve is the manager, guardian, enforcer, and comment police of the Lebanese blogosphere. Everyone also admitted their hatred of Marsden.

The party ended with bloggers jamming metal and plastic chairs into the back of Jamal's SUV. He hit a pole, but luckily it didn't damage the fender.

Zizou invited all the bloggers to the after-party at his flat, and was accompanied by Jamal, Eve, Marshall, Nobilis Tobilis, and lebanon.profile.

In attendance at the meeting: linalone, zizou, arch.memory, potoftea, eve, delirious, ramzi, maldoror, nobilis tobilis, mustapha, bob, jamal, blogger from blogistan, lebanon.profile and non-bloggers Marshall, Kelly, French Journalist, and Lebanese journalist Carine. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

I've decided to present blogger awards:

Ms. Queen of the Lebanese blogosphere - Eve

The Consumate Raconteur - Bob

Most stylishly dressed, and not fat even though he blogs that he is - arch.memory

Dressed to kill - Mustapha

Best "prepared" for the after-party (wink, wink) - zizou

Ready to party - nobilis tobilis

Mr. graphic design is a 24h profession - potoftea

Suspiciously quiet and overly concerned about sources of information - delirious

The Businessman - blogger from blogistan

Mr. Under-the-radar - Ramzi

Mr. Diplomatic - Maldoror

The Elegant Hostess - linalone

Mr. stumbling around drunk, vomiting in the potted plant, talking endlessly about sexual exploits and how great he is, hitting on everyone in sight and then claiming they're ugly, fat, and stupid after he is denied, groping women, men, dogs, and inanimate objects, starting physical altercations with other bloggers after saying, "Wud ur you looking at?" then tripping over his own feet, hitting the wall, and falling down, crying about how no one likes him and expecting sympathy, screaming blatantly racist and misogynist epithets at random pedestrians, breaking a chair, breaking a lamp, breaking a bottle, knocking over a table, loudly proclaiming his desire to "rent" a partner for the evening, and ending the night asleep on the sidewalk missing one shoe with his pants unbuckled - TIE between Jamal and lebanon.profile


At Saturday, May 20, 2006 4:25:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

we get awards too? yaaay!
btw, I should get one for listening to politics at two in the morning; oh and for nearly getting killed by a couple of mobster bloggers :P

At Saturday, May 20, 2006 5:00:00 PM, Blogger arch.memory said...

It was so wonderful to meet you; I had a wonderful time! And thanks for the awards! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the After-Party; it seems I missed a lot! (One more exclamation point and I should be shot in the head!)

At Saturday, May 20, 2006 7:40:00 PM, Blogger Assaad said...

It seems that i missed a great meeting but i am happy you enjoyed your time...
Hope next time will be with you.
Nice idea for the awards :)

At Saturday, May 20, 2006 7:45:00 PM, Blogger BOB said...

Unfair! Unfair I say!
I spent all that time telling stories about being drunk and then everybody but me goes and get drunk!!! Unfair!!
I swear next meeting I will come already drunk!

I had a hell of time thx Linalone!


At Saturday, May 20, 2006 9:23:00 PM, Blogger Jamal said...

who rae ouy claling a smutbling drunk?

sssorrry bout the brkone glasds Lin.

At Saturday, May 20, 2006 9:39:00 PM, Blogger Maldoror said...

:P Always Knew I should've been president! Now with Mr. Diplomatic I should be running for presidency!
Vote Maldoror!!!!!!!!!

At Sunday, May 21, 2006 11:54:00 AM, Blogger Ramzi said...

Under the radar? Not really, I just arrived late and didn't diffuse around as much as... well ok. I get it now.

It was great meeting you all!

At Sunday, May 28, 2006 7:03:00 PM, Blogger carine said...

bit late so maybe it's pointless to even comment... but this post seems to have generated a bit of confusion.

i am NOT the same person as the "lebanese journalist carine" who attended the meet up. i wasn't there.

anyways, if i had been present, i'd like to think i'd still count as a blogger despite how little i've posted in the past half year!

At Saturday, June 10, 2006 8:49:00 PM, Blogger Sandie said...

Hey guys! You all look like a big happy family, quite cozy, wish I could join you! Sandie


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