"Sanfiroo bi 7ayatikom"

"Sanfiroo bi 7ayatikom" cause Condie is here.
Remember Iraq? First they claimed there are mass destruction weapons . They moved to build a democracy and then they jsutified their failure by saying it is a long war.
"long war", they said. That was after their failure.
Look were Iraq is today.
Yesterday the same tune was repeated again.
"it is gonna be a long war on terror"
What do you excpect they wanna build in Lebanon?
Here comes the two camps. Messenger Mr. Bush vs. terror.
Mother Hen is eating Sandwiches in 3awkar. No homos, No fool.
Bush still thinks he is gonna hear latin americans speaking "latin".
Mobile rings.
me: Mom?
Mom: yeh dear.. can you make me a summary on all possble organizations that might help in aid? A man here has to wash his kidneys every week.
me: Akeed. I will send u an email.
Mom: Now since you got your first job, you have to bring us presents, no?
me: akeed akeed.. milk for children? some bread or fuel?
This is not an analysis ofcourse. It is just a recall so that u r able "la tsnafiru bi 7ayatikom"
for whom who don't undestand Arabic, Please somebody volunteer and translate the phrase.


At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 11:59:00 PM, Blogger arch.memory said...

It's "Smurf for your lives!", Hilal... smurf for your lives...


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