What the children of Lebanon would say...(check link in title)

It's ok
don't do anything
those of us left are not
better than those who died
that's how we are
just like that...
let it stay in the world's conscious
we did not want to die
we die for you to live
we die with no sin today

it's ok
walk the earth
go and live
and one day
come and visit
visit the east mediterranean
and as you walk in our south
know that you're walking on our dead bodies
in the no man zone

it's ok
we've always been hospitable
our land a generous land
we loved you when we were alive
and we'll love you after we die
come and visit
we visited you
all of you

it's ok
we ask you one thing
leave us be
please respect our grave
and let the earth heal
please let us rest in peace
and 10 years from now
don't disturb our sleep again

it's ok
that's all we want
we cried for you
for all of you
and we washed your sins
we forgive you
we know it's stronger than you
we know you would've saved us
if you could

we leave you with our love
we only knew how to love
we only loved to live
to swim, to dance, to eat,to sing..
maybe you knew us
maybe you'll hear of us
in history books
know we look down on you
and smile
and we want you to be as happy
as we once were...


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