My True Feelings

I have been refraining from posting in regards to the current political situation since everyone was too emotional these past few days. I think it’s time I come out and speak.

1. I think it was wrong to come out and accuse Syria so quickly of assassinating Pierre. I also think it was wrong to come out and accuse the “Zionists” and I also think it was wrong to accuse anyone else (Geagea, the Americans, Jumblatt, etc.)

2. I hated the “rally” on Thursday. I understand the people went out there to support the March 14th movement, or call out for a true independance, etc. but I still thing it was wrong to exploit Pierre’s death to turn it into a rally.

3. I hated how the speakers came out to talk. I kept thinking “all-star” team. The way they were introduced before their speeches was ridiculous, and even more ridiculous was the way Saad Hariri walked out away from the bullet proof podium to salute the crowd, he reminded me of a boxer.

4. Why on earth have a bullet proof podium if you are all going to stand around the podium on the stage??

5. I hate how every rally turns out into a number competition.

6. I loved the funeral procession in Bikfaya. That is a true funeral procession.

7. My respect goes out to former President Amine Gemayel, who although seemed real weak and fragile remained strong.

8. I hated how rumors kept spreading around (eg. Amine didn’t shake hands with Berri: he DID).

9. Former President Amine Gemayel, requested on the night that Pierre was killed, that the night be full of prayer and requested for people not to create tensions. Some people on the other hand, preferred to burn tyres and garbage, to block roads, and burn posters of Aoun and co. Shameful.

Those 9 points (that I remember) are about the funeral and death of Pierre.

On Independance day, I was going to “write about how Lebanon isn’t close to being independent. I wanted to rant about how Lebanon has always been a pawn in a game of Risk played by the international powers. I wanted to rant by how the Lebanese are brainwashed by warlords and will never smell indenpendence as long as they follow them. I wanted to say so much, but not today.”

I honestly don’t have the energy to rant out right now, but I can say that I do not trust anyone on the “political ground” at the moment ( I felt like this before Pierre got killed).

I also want to comment about last night’s mass at the Maronite Church in Kuwait. The mass that took place is the usual timing for the Maronites mass in Kuwait, and Maronites include Lebanese and Syrians. Last night at the mass, Syrians and Lebanese were praying together for the soul of Pierre and additional attendees were FPMers from other sects (eg. Orthodox, Catholics, etc), as well as Muslim Sunnites and Shiites. The church was full. I hope Lebanese in Lebanon can become like the Lebanese abroad. We all seem to be sick of the situation in Lebanon and we do understand that a lot of the problems in Lebanon are created by external powers but what sickens us most is the Lebanese fighting amongst themselves. We are especially sick of the Christians in Lebanon who until today cannot make peace amongst themselves.


At Saturday, November 25, 2006 8:28:00 PM, Blogger JoseyWales said...

Good post Rampurple, pretty much agree with all you say.

I would add however that beyond funerals/demos etc, the assassination of Pierre (and all the others) should be used to derive useful political momentum.

It is unfortunate but our people/politicians appear to move only in the 48 hours that follow a catastrophe, they then go back to sleep.

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 10:32:00 PM, Blogger lebanese_student said...

of all the things you decided to hate on, how come you didn't hate how Hezbollah supporters took to the streets like madmen, blocked the road to the airport, and burned tires, in protest. (of what exactly, no one knows).

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 10:36:00 PM, Blogger Rampurple said...

lebanese_student: who said i didnt. these 9 points were only in regards to Pierres assassination. Don't judge what you don't know.

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 10:38:00 PM, Blogger Leila said...

Love your post, Rampurple. Thank you.

And whenever someone writes a heartfelt peacemaker post, somebody else always comes on to say:

why don't you talk about X? Because X is evil and you didn't mention X.

This is the voice of someone who wants to stay in condemnation and hatred.

Underneath Rampurple's words runs a theme of longing for unity in our Lebanese diversity. I hear in her call what I heard in Mustapha's in the next post - a call to sanity, amity, diplomacy; a call to take a deep breath and feel that we are human beings, all of us, sharing LEbanon, whether we live there now or we live there in our hearts.

The vengefulness of the self-righteous will only pull us back into hell.

Retribution and fighting will not get anyone anywhere. Nor will tire-burning or other gestures.

Mustapha and Rampurple, thank you both for your heartfelt statements. My prayers are with you and with the people of Lebanon.

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