Want to Be Heard?

This is a fantastic idea:

Hayat built a mosque on his roof where anyone of any faith can pray. He also installed a loudspeaker, so if he were in danger or had something to say to his fellow tribesmen, he could shout it from the rooftop the way the conservative religious teachers do.


"Why should only the mullahs have loudspeakers?" he asked, as knelt to wash his hands, face, and feet before praying.

I don't know if adding more mosques and speakers will make the system any better. Hayat's idea is great in rural Pakistan. In densely populated Beirut, a city filled with all sorts of political crazies who play their war tunes and stupid political nonsense too loud during elections, this would only lead to violence (since the politicians would never move to ban the practice altogether).


At Monday, April 17, 2006 5:00:00 PM, Blogger gabrielf said...

i live next to mar mitr church and cemetary and every day at five they pray with a loud speaker...its not only the mollahs.

At Saturday, April 22, 2006 6:51:00 PM, Blogger the perpetual refugee said...

No more mosques.
No more churches.
No more temples.

And definately no more loud speakers.

Let's try a few more libraries instead.


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