My Shallow Opinion

I must admit I have gotten really frustrated and bewildered about a lot of the political movements going on in Lebanon. I was thinking about it all the other day and have come out with my own personal analysis and theory.

From the way I see it, the political system, the government, and the current situation will not be resolved overnight. The country spent 15 years at war and another 15 years under the control of a neighbouring dictatorship. A lot of ugliness and messiness occured during those combined 30 years. We can’t simply delete the past but it takes some time to pick up the pieces, analyse our situation, agree on our analysis, and decide how to go ahead with it.

Also, some of the political parties such as the Aounists and the LFers were officially inactive during the 15 years while we were in control of a neighboring dictatorship. Therefore, now that they are active, and no longer during a war, they have to reset up their organizations and their goals AND get supporters. New political parties are also popping up which also need to come out and create an awareness of themselves in order to inform people that they exist and what they believe in.

I think all of the above is a sign of a healthy political system. I am optimistic about the future of Lebanon BUT what kills me is to see the university students fighting amongst each other over these matters. A healthy debate is acceptable but stop beating each other up!

Lebanon, my love, we are trying… please be patient.


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