CNN Anchor questions Israeli "Mistake"

CNN Video.


At Monday, July 31, 2006 3:06:00 PM, Blogger Simon Holloway said...

I fail to see how the anchorwoman managed to prove a point. Every step of the way the Israeli spokeswoman was spot on. What did you want her to say? That Israel is a nation of murderers? Surely you know that that's not true! The present death-toll in Lebanon is absolutely sickening and the fact that I'm Jewish doesn't lessen the disgust that I feel when I look at what Israel is doing. Agreed: Israel desperately needs to change tactics because this is not only failing to work (in fact, I can completely understand why Lebanese civilians would now want to join Hezbollah), but it seems to be women and children who are being targeted.

But what should they do? It is not a secret that Hezbollah are a terrorist organisation, that they are firing rockets into Israel (whatever you want to call them) and that they are hiding in civilian centres. Seriously, WHAT SHOULD ISRAEL DO?

There are people on this blog who seem to imply that Israel should simply cease to exist but I am bothering to comment here only in the hope that you are more educated than that.

At Monday, July 31, 2006 9:16:00 PM, Blogger Fakty said...

The Israeli forces was pretty sure that Hezbollah would be crushed in short time by their superior weaponry. Using precision guided bombs and missiles they first decided to destroyed the infrastructure, something that made clear to the world that this was not only a war against Hezbollah. It was a destruction of a nation and a humeliation of the Lebanese people. When Israel had to admit to themselves that the war would not be as easy as they thought, desperation grew and the targeting bacame ignorant to the collateral damages. The tactic seams to have been adopted from US, but with a crelty that shocks the world. By the way, US has never succeeded using this tactic, and I also believe Israel will fail. If so, then the winner of this conflict is Hezbollah, and the loosers are the civillians on both sides.

I certainly doesn't have any easy answers or solution. However, I am wondering why Israel choose to use a 500 pound bomb at targets in the middle of a village, if the taget as claimbed by them was a rocket launcher? The dead body's of children and women from Qana, will hunt Israel's reputation as a civilized nation forever.


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