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A selection of news articles from the alternative media. I don't agree with everything they say, and neither will you. Still, it beats the New York Times.
Zionists and Neocons need not bother.

What Does Israel Want? - By Ilan Pappe:
This why Zipi Livni, Israeli foreign minister, an otherwise intelligent person, could say genuinely on Israeli TV tonight (13 July 2006) that the best way to retrieve the two captured soldiers ‘is to destroy totally the international airport of Beirut’. Abductors or armies that have two POWs of course immediately go and buy commercial tickets on the next flight from an international airport for the captors and the two soldiers. ‘But they can sneak them with a car’, insisted the interviewers. ‘Oh indeed’ said the Israeli Foreign Minister, ‘This is why we will also destroy all the roads in Lebanon leading outside the country’. This is good news for the army, to destroy airports, set fire to petrol tanks, blow up bridges, damage roads and inflict collateral damage on a civilian population. At least the airforce can show its ‘real’ might and compensate for the frustrating years of the ‘low intensity conflict’ that had sent Israel’s best and fiercest to run after boys and girls in the alleys of Nablus or Hebron. In Gaza the airforce has already dropped five such bombs, where in the last six years it dropped only one.

US gives Israel a blank check to wage war- By Barry Grey
In Orwellian fashion, any form of Arab resistance against Israel is branded as “terrorism,” while the indiscriminate bombing of cities, villages, roads, power plants, airports and bridges is called “self-defense.”

Listen to Amy Goodman’s coverage of the war on Lebanon on Democracy Now

Today's war in Lebanon: The latest chapter of the original 1948 conflict- By Raja Halwani
Lebanon is in a state of war with Israel; there is no peace agreement between them, and Israel has no compunction about violating Lebanon's sovereignty when it suits it do so, the most memorable event being its 1996 assault on south Lebanon (the so-called "Operations Grapes of Wrath"), not to mention its numerous breaking of the sound barrier with its violations of Lebanon's airspace. (This issue, by the way, highlights one of Israel's many hypocrisies: on the one hand, it considers Lebanon sovereign and that is why it held it entirely responsible for Hezbollah’s attack; on the other hand, it patronizingly claims that one of its aims in attacking Lebanon is to help Lebanon restore its sovereignty over its entire territory by helping it get rid of Hezbollah.)

The Real Aim-By Uri Avnery
It can be assumed that most Lebanese will react as any other people on earth would: with fury and hatred towards the invader. That happened in 1982, when the Shiites in the south of Lebanon, until then as docile as a doormat, stood up against the Israeli occupiers and created the Hezbollah, which has become the strongest force in the country. If the Lebanese elite now becomes tainted as collaborators with Israel, it will be swept off the map.


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