More things to do!

First, petition. As much doubt as many of you might have about the point of signing petitions, at times like these, when there doesn't seem to be much we can do, participating in a peaceful protest I believe is better than nothing. I invite you to go to http://julywar.epetitions.net and sign the Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition and forward this invitation to your friends.

The petition does not go into the "who started it debate". I won't either since I think at this stage it does not matter: just think, what would a parent tell the sronger child when it's hitting the weaker one, justifying the act by saying the latter "started it"...

Second, donate. I got this from a friend of mine living in the UAE; I am not sure if it is limited to residents of the UAE or not. An initiative called "Ma3ak ya Lebnan" has been taken by the Lebanese Embassy. Send your donations to: All branches of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Account # 20000488.

CNN Vote
CNN is taking a vote on whether the Israeli response is justified. At the moment the bigger percentage of the vote goes for "yes", help turn it into NO by taking the quick vote.
Look for the QUICKVOTE box to the right of the news in the page.

Also, check out other ways you can do something at these earlier posts:

If you have any further suggestions/ideas/links, please e-mail me at archmemory (at) yahoo (dot) com, and I'll be happy to add them.