Piece of Beirut

(A Poem-a-Day, part of:
A Song (re)Cycle: Of Rage & Defiance; Of Grief; and Of Hope.
Part 1: Of Rage & Defiance)

I wear a piece of Beirut round my neck
And if Beirut is no longer
I shall remain
A piece of Beirut

I bear its anger in my womb
A discarded fetus
Of every bastard child
That choked on its breath

And I shall run in their blood
Twist like the bends
Under their flaking skins
And I shall cry your name
With every shedding piece of their scales


At Monday, July 24, 2006 4:54:00 PM, Blogger Dimi Reider said...

Dear Hilal and everyone else,

My name is Dimi Reider, I am a russian-born Israeli. First, allow me to express my solidarity with you and my anger at what my government is doing. You have a beautiful country and it angers and shames me to be assosciated with any political body working so hard at leveling everything that you have built.
I've been skipping between Israeli, Palestinian and Lebanese forums for a while now, and I decided to try and open a forum for all of us. This doesn't have to be a peacy lovey-dovey forum - it could be also an opportunity to tell the other side exactly what you think of it and why. Even so, this would be better than "communicating" through the tainted glass of the media or through the rumble of the guns.
The address for the forum is http://july2006.forumco.com. It's shiny new - and empty; I would be honored if some of you could inagurate it by posting a short notice and saying a few words - i.e. i'm so and so, live there and there, and the war affected me in such and such a manner.
Also, if I may be allow to post links there to your blogs, or maybe even excrepts from them (unedited), this would be a lot of help.
Sorry for boucing, but the post where i left the message origianlly slided down so much i wasn't sure anyone was going to read the comments.
Keep safe and be strong,

At Monday, July 24, 2006 6:09:00 PM, Blogger Maiandros said...

Keep wearing Beirut around your necks and it will be reborn.

Our thoughts are with you and our actions are to follow.

Keep strong!

Maiandros, Athens/Nicosia


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