Dear Americans

Dear Americans,
You are responsible of your administration actions. You re-elected a man whose body language shows his lies and ignorance.
But today, you have the choice to say No and complain:
No for using your tax-money to support Israel with weapons!
No for any new enemy beyond borders!
No for intruding in other nations' matters!

Dear Americans,
Remember that fundamentalist movements in the Middle East are the results and not the causes.
They are the results of your administration’s actions in the region.
It is a package: Palestine, Iraq and Lebanon.
Tell your administration to stop acting as if it has a holy duty towards others.
Tell your president to stop acting as a messenger of God. Instead, pay him for some cultural courses that might be of benefit for him.

Dear Americans,
You are mere human beings, just like us. Behave like that.
Cause if you continue ignoring that, then you will witness another 9/11.
And when that happens, you will notice that you are just.. human beings. Just like us!
This is not a threat.
This is just to capture your attention to a disaster that is fed by hatred towards your administration.

Dear Americans,
Whenever your president calls for a sustainable cease fire, it becomes a sustainable war.
Be courageous and say No for that sustainable... war!!


At Friday, August 04, 2006 9:44:00 PM, Blogger Channon said...

I don't think that the fundamentalist movements in the Middle East are a result of the US or its elected officials. Hatred toward western culture and the creation of Israel has been there for decades!

At Friday, August 04, 2006 10:05:00 PM, Blogger imad said...

and why is it my dear channon? is it because the US has been treating the ME like angels, totally fair and square as it's treating israel? oh excuse us! the US wants the killing to continue in Lebanon and we're supposed to worship it! give me a break!

At Friday, August 04, 2006 10:24:00 PM, Blogger Ghassan said...

And so the new mantra is that the US made HA abduct the two soldiers and has encouraged the Iranian mullahs to fund them? Is the Arab world responsible for anything? Hoa childichand naieve to just whine and whine and whine

At Friday, August 04, 2006 10:25:00 PM, Blogger callipyge said...

I wish we Lebanese could learn how to control our own government before telling others how to do that with theirs.

At Friday, August 04, 2006 10:37:00 PM, Blogger SC said...

Don't you have your own blog to post on?

At Friday, August 04, 2006 10:45:00 PM, Blogger zoran said...

Why don't you stop already always blaming someone else? It's never your fault, you are always the victim, it's all because of the Americans, Israelis, the West. You are like spoiled children. It's time to take some personal responsability and admit to yourselves that a lot of the misery in the arab world is caused by a seemingly uncontrollable urge to kill and destroy. Is America forcing sunnis to kill shi'ites
and vice versa? Really? Is Hizbulla forced to attack Israel six years after Israel has withdrawn from Lebanon? (Shebaa Farms were never part of Lebanon, they are Syrian territory, even the UN agrees to that!) Was the Palestinian Authority forced to be completely corrupt? Are Palestinians forced to kill each other? Wake up, you are doing this to yourselves. Take some responsability. You all live in a fantasy world if you really think this is all caused by someone else.

At Friday, August 04, 2006 11:30:00 PM, Blogger hillz said...

Don't u have another blog to check?

وأي الصبي فاضي أشغالي

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:05:00 AM, Blogger Enriqueta said...


I adore the Lebanese people, in fact I personally adore you!!!

Your passionate and I can read your heart on these bloggs> You potentially have a great deal to offer your country that you love.

That potentional will only be used wisely with all do respect when you come out of the clouds of illusions you live in.

While yes we, America have some fundamental issues, we have evolved in our country.

NO not perfect but things have changed.
We have grown up, as a society of different people.

As a result you now see American Indians living side by side there American counterparts.

They could be like ME and hold on to a grudge going around with the machete and bows and arrows slaying the cowboys of our west screaming they stold there land...etc.

Except you see, someone finally signed a peace treaty and stuck to it!!!!

With all due respect!

They have settled in there lands, attend university and have seats in congress, lead communties and contribute greatly to our American History as well as our society!

Look I could go on about the Mexican Americans and the Blacks in our country as well.

I could even tell you of the suffrage of my own immigrant father and migrant mother in the 60's but it’s pointless.

We, you and I have a fundamental different view of the world.
While every one can say Israel needs to give back some more land history has shown, that is really not what this is all about for those hurling rockets.

The reality no amount of carnage or goodwill takes the hate from a mans heart he must become humble and search it himself.

As a Christian I see a world of blame and discourse, I also see a there is hope in the eyes of every human being. Even someone who said they want to exterminate like Adolf Hitler. He needs some serious therapy!
I hope Mr. Iran sees the light before he sees his own demise, which if he keeps up I will as a pacifist have no problem in Amecia supporting so that he will never kill anyone, hang them in a town sqare..etc..

A man like that does not deserve the seat of power he has a responsibility to care for his people not bring terror to reign upon them and let me be clear. He is going to have some serious problems if he ever goes near Israel.

That Hillel is not a threat, that is opinion of the worlds view of extremism.

I also see that we have a fundamental difference because I believe in the pursuit of happiness for all people. That includes all, religions, the Jews etc.

We in America along with other sensible adults who have a desire to prosper with out begrudging our neighbor tend to take that very simplistic view. I know it does not work for many in ME that still believe in choaos and ethnic cleansing.
That Hillel is the image of ME by the average American, as you equate all the worlds doom on our shoulders Americans see ME people as men who behead and enslave there women, is that not sad. We can think no –better on this blog.

I know that Hope does not happen in a vacuem, minds do not change overnight, educational systems of terror are not easily dismantled but people have to make there opportunities.

My father did not grow to who he is today because someone took his hand and made him to do something. He had a future because he did not let his circumstance control his life.

While living in Poverty of 3rd world he saw, he was not made for this suffrage. Even with the reality of entering a segregated America he forged there anyways.

He broke free of his circumstances and thought of his family history and then went ahead and forged a new one for himself.

That to me is the fundamental problem with you and many on this site.

Our history is not written yet, were young, adventurous we have technology that could enhance our lives.

We have choices our parents could only dream of yet, you choose to live in a box of despair and settling for what was, hammering the same old tune.

Isreal, Isreal, Iseal America, America, England and who ever..…it’s like the music of a mad man.

Instead of dreaming of what can be, you should read some of Eve’s older posts her heart is Lebonon!!.

You want to stay in the box, do not except Western Aid, diplomacy etc.

Well you will then have to be like Castro's Cuba.

We will not have Israel bombed because someone in your neighborhood got trigger happy.

Hillel, we have a treaty with Israel…plain and simple as does Jordon and Egypt.

Lebanon will be a 3rd world society hoping some country sends you supplies, your educational system will become substandard, your economy will suffer and men will be looking at each other on the streets because they cannot find jobs unless they conform to an ideology supported by the state run militia out of Syria and Iran.

That is what Iraq is fighting against. Its puppet masters like the Nasi leader who eat plenty every day while women and children starve, are mamed during soccer games.

They blame America as they wipe the blood of the children from there lips.

I bet he has not slept in a bunker lately or had to worry about bathing, No he is set up in some palace having chia tea talking about how he is going to carve a name in the Lebanese society for himself with your blood and any young man or women that has any ideas that do not involve extremism.

You also live in an illusion as though Lebanon is the only place of suffrage.

That in the history of the world the people of the Middle East are the only ones who have problems.

Friend, every country has its wackjobs, its perverse, its individuals that do not want to see the light shine in the dark. Why do you think sometimes it’s so easy to stay angry, it takes a courage and integrity to be a humble man or women and take personal responsibility for ourselves and our circumstances!

Right now you can blame my moma and I would let you.

It will not change the fact you fundamentally cannot see that extremism in any form Christian, Muslim, etc is unacceptable.

I work very hard in my circles, which is quite large to make sure that extremism in my Christian community is rooted out. I work to shine a light on it, see it dismantled, shunned and dismissed it’s discrediting the moderate Christian.

Just as I hope Muslim Men and women should at some point take control of the Middle East from the kind of men who go around the world beheading innocent people, they have hijacked Muslim culture and you let them with your passiveness.

Blame, who ever you want for this it will not get you to see the man in the mirror any better.

I am just a gal working to let you know America loves Lebanon, but we do not agree with the hate spilling into Israel.

Its unacceptable and reasonable people with the desire to see there children attend school, have dinner and enjoy the life safely tend to agree.

I have said this before you all in ME have a rich history, you also have a history of just not getting it and shunning and dismissing anything that is different than you.

Its Lebanon’s turn to contribute to the ME, take a lead forge a free Democratic state.

If Hezbollah is a part of the government then make sure its disarmed and actually is a fringe of society not allowing it to ever be mainstream.

Your country has yet to show it is willing to even do that!

I hope it can be instead of your blame game.

I may be naive but there is no way I would be allowed to even be alive if I was a practicing Christian in many parts of your region.

Even in Lebanon itself. I would be stuck to a neighborhood.

I and my friends would be mocked, scorned and or killed for our beliefs.

Who am I?
Someone who has respect for others.

Works hard to contribute to society in a positive way but according to extremist my life is nothing...I am nothing. The way you write I am not so sure I would be able to count on you to extend a hand to me if you saw them dragging me away.

Is that what you want you’re beloved Lebonon to be?

It’s not sad anymore it is morally wrong and at some point individuals need to take responsibility for what comes from there mouths on this site.

Many of you fuel hate without regard, as though your no-one can hear you….they can!.

The extremist are sucking the life out of our world.

Your beloved Hezbollah is a network of terror.

It is like that Militia that bombed Oklahoma City here in the states.

Except Hezbollah are connected to Iran, which is connected to Syria which is connected to the extremist that bomb in Asia, London, Spain and Africa, Latin America and since Sept 11th the United States.

You can and those on this site can hoot and holler all you want for a democratic state but to be taken seriously in the world community you are going to have to remove the glasses of Hate, extremism and move you’re self out of the box you have been living in.

Were in reality a global society.

Yes in America our policies are not perfect we need to work on it.

I would though take my system of government and most of those I mentioned any day over what you will have with a Militia running your southern Boarder.


If you ever want to come to America see our cities our towns, our communities where Muslims and Jews and Christian, Hindus etc live side by side without suppression, town square hangings, being kidnapped. I would love to have you.

Were people Hillal yes, brothers and sisters of creation like me or not. People who need to hold each other accountable not hostage.

When another human being that has control over an entire country espouses to destroy, kill off entire country. Then everyone in the world should take notice that something is seriously wrong with that leader.

Its that type of fanaticism that gave birth to Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler.

I know America is listening, it why we will not even entertain him not because we are arrogant it is that the moment we begin to negotiate with a man who soul purpose is to destroy a nation for whatever reason we will have the rest of the wack jobs around the world bidding for our attention like NK. Were not Arrogant were strategic, like it or not America does not bend to extremism its not in our makeup as a society.

I at this point do not see anywhere in your post Hillel a man that would aid a woman being taken in by secret police, do you have the character or integrity to save me from a Nasseralah when I would to his face tell him he is insane!

With all do respect, countries are its people, you bet when my president sucks I have no problem telling him, get a banner, make some calls. I probably would be polite to his face but I would be clear I do not appreciate your choices.

Hillal...can you do that?

Could you tell the militia running your boarders they suck with out getting your tongue cut out of your throat.
Men and women like them or hate them can stand at a door in front of a wounded solider coming back from battle or even be at there funerals screaming and yelling "your dying for nothing"

The family does not shoot them, the soider can not gun them down. They just have to ignore it, and turn away.
Its disguest the greater society but that is freedom of speech in America.

You my friend have yet to taste what real freedom is in Lebanon, otherwise you would screaming from the rooftops get out of my county, to extremism!!.

Sticks and stones may break my bones Hillel...but your name calling and Hate will never infect me!


At Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:15:00 AM, Blogger شيماء زاهر said...

Dear Channon,

Would like to remind u that the fundamentalist movements are a reaction and not the action, and they will be there as long as there are fierce attacks on the Arab territory on the part of Isreal. Do I have to kill a whole nation to get back 2 soldiers? I wonder!!

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 3:39:00 AM, Blogger hillz said...

-first for next time please make your comment shorter than that cause now i can't re-comment on all the points u mentioned :)
- second, you have "blocked" judgments on me and on the whole political situation. I think this might be referred to lack of your information about Lebanese politics.
- I will just give u an overview on my personal life so that you can get it right that it is not only 2 classes in life: good and bad.
- I am a Muslim (non shitte) who had major opposite opinions towards Hizballah party. My grandma is Syrian (from Syria), My aunt's husband is shite, my best friend Palestinian (from Palestine) and the girl i used to love was Christian. So, I don't live in dreams.
We all don't live in dreams neither in a TV box.
Most of us speak three languages so we follow all kind of media (unlike u cause I guess u don't follow Arabic media).
I lived in France and u can say that my background is western. and Now I live in uk for a masters in satellite communications. So you gotta be sure that I am not a dreamy man.

- "Isreal, Isreal, Iseal America, America, England and who ever..…it’s like the music of a mad man. "
First I am not nagging and complaining neither I hate you and I plan to come to usa for studying. But can you tell me what did usa do in iraq? do u remember Collin Powel’s videos in the un about the mass-destruction weapons in iraq? Weren’t the weapns the justification to “occupy” Iraq? Can u tell me whether they find them or not?
you immediately throw in my face the Cuba example. I am glad to disappoint you and say that i care less about Castro and even went into discussion with my friends about the 37 years period he have been ruling Cuba (or more?). Yet, I believe as well that usa has nothing to do with Cuba or iraq or Afghanistan. I believe that dictators must be taken off by their people. and usa's actions towards iraq and Afghanistan are not for the love of peace and democracy but because of economical benefits.
- "I at this point do not see anywhere in your post Hillel a man that would aid a woman being taken in by secret police, do you have the character or integrity to save me from a Nasseralah when I would to his face tell him he is insane!"
This is totally a "canned" opinion. You seem do not follow Lebanese politics . he has been told that on TV shows and in parliament from some politicians. our news are really fun ( i mean before this "crisis", you should see them some day.
- i am talking in politics. in lebanon we have a lot of sects. Hizballah represent almost 1 million of shitte people. I believe NO ONE must be excluded from the political process we like them or not , we are with them or we oppose them. I know it for real that a war will be very probable to happen if any sect is excluded from the process.
- I repeat we don't live in dreams. we have been through a civil war and we know what we are talking about.
- don't worry, i read eve's posts :) it is a pity that u don't read Arabic because usually I write in Arabic.
- to summarize, you should be aware that fundamentalism doesn't mean always terror. so how about hizbollah whose representatives in the parliament were elected democratically in elections that was praised by usa adminstration (summer 2005)?
- I know that this discussion may lead no where, but I just wanna make it clear that Israel is destroying Lebanon not hizballah.
by the way, today was the day of the Christian districts. Israel destructed all the bridges in these areas cutting the last remaining road that UN wanted to use it for transportation of aids.
I consider hizballah a resistance and not a terroist group.
- I am being realistic and know the usa power in international politics and because of that I addressed the American people to pressure their administration democratically. you have been following us for a while and you know we are using multiple and parallel.
- About bush, u know that it is not only my opinion but a lot of people from other nationalities share me the same opinion. My God he believes that the inhabitants of Greece are GREECIANS!!
- my post falls in political prediction and doesn’t contain any hatred towards American.
- Sorry for not answering all your remarks, cause it's too long.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 5:45:00 AM, Blogger jdwill said...

Dear Lebanese,

I read http://iraqthemodel.blogspot.com/2006/08/arab-media-between-baghdad-and-beirut.html recently, and the message is don’t trust your Arab media. Please keep an open mind.

What is crucial now, IMHO, is for Lebanese who care about Lebanon to look around carefully on the world stage. Don’t just think in terms of friends and enemies; think in terms of Lebanon’s interest in being an independent healthy state determining its own affairs.

Please take the time to read the following post. I am supplying some snippets to give the flavor. I think this piece lays out the possible futures better than any analysis I have seen in one piece.

Nouri Lumendifi:


“Iran is an empire, and always has been”, she said to me. “If it doesn’t do what it was made to, it will have another revolution, that could be good though!” She said with a laugh.

I think the rise of an imperial Islamic Republic is inevitable. I am a Shia, but I am not stupid. The Maghreb is rather safe for Shias, because there are few and few the farther west you go. But the Middle East should be expecting a diplomatic and sectarian revolution, in which Iran is the central actor, and an actor with impunity.

Some in Lebanon have consistently resisted Iranian revolutionary overtures, but most have succumbed to it. This isn’t to say that the Shias are a fifth column, but I will say that the weakest link within the Shia mass (which is not uniform) is its leadership and the group think that comes along with Middle Eastern communal politics.

Think what you will of Hezb Allah and the Israelis, but I do not think it can be denied that a Lebanon without Hezb Allah would be a Lebanon safe for the Lebanese democracy, and safe for Israel.

A new Persian Empire does not mean that all will be well for Arab Shias, the death of Israel, equity among nations and the stabilization of the region. It will mean wars, wars, sectarian rivalries, wars, competition between minor and major powers, and finally even bigger wars.

1. If Hezb Allah wins, Iran wins and what I described above will begin to take shape.
2. If Hezb Allah is totally wiped out, at the expense of Lebanon, I see a bleak future for stability, let alone peace in the Middle East.
3. If Hezb Allah is disarmed and Lebanon left mainly in tact, with wise rehabilitation assistance from the international community, I see a comparatively bright future, though not sunny.

Simply and generally put, save Lebanon, save the Middle East.

My sentiments, exactly!

Try writing to your March 14 politicians that let you down and getting them to quit playing Hezbollah's game.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:30:00 AM, Blogger pft said...

Holding Americans responsible for the actions of the President is like Israel holding Lebanese civilians responsible for the actions of Hizbollah.

Actually, in the past 2 elections, the American people voted for Gore and Kerry. Election fraud by states run by Republican governors (one of which was George W's brother)and the state election officials allowed Bush to win Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004, states which dictated the outcome of the elections in those years.

Democracy in America has been hijacked as a result of 9/11. Another attack would simply strengthen the extreme right in the USA and moderates of both parties will continue to allow the president to disregard domestic and international law. So the result would be even stronger support for the way the "War on Terror" is fought, and more green lights for Israel.

You see, the guy you should be blaming is Bin Laden. The US has always supported Israel, but never to this extent, Bush Sr and Clinton at least tried to appear fair in mediating disputes and achieving some peace with the Palestinians and countries in the area, but 9/11 changed all that, and Bush Jr's destiny as a 1 term President changed to include an additional term (stolen as it was).

So now, while Tony Blair has become Bush's poodle, and Bush had become Sharons poodle, and now with Sharon out of the picture Bush is the Israeli governments mascot.

So you better hope there is no future attack as I can tell you it will not be in your best interests.

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda is similar to Israel government and IDF in the sense that it does not really want peace. Without conflict and the fear that results, those in power today would never have obtained that power. If the polls show a drop in popularity, the US raises the terror alert, Israel bombs Gaza, invade Lebanon, the ratings improve. On the terrorist side, if it looks like there will be a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israel, or Lebanon and Israel, Hamas sends over some suicide bombers, Hizzbollah kidnaps some Israeli soldiers or launches some rockets into Israel.

Conflicts last too long only when

1) they become too comfortable for those responsible for them, so there is no urgency for reaching a resolution,


2) there is no way to defeat the enemy, short of genocide.

So if another attack happens, Americans wont be surprised, they will hit out at the most likely target, and so it will go on and on, no winners, no losers, just perpetual conflict, just like in Israel.

Meanwhile, while Americans are buzy trying to swat that pesky fly (terrorism), they do not see that a tiger is ready to pounce from the tree above. The tiger of course is a country with 1.3 billion people that is arming itself to the teath with money received by huge trade imbalances with the West , looking for oil to feed its growing military and economy, loaning the US the money needed to feed its appetite for cheap imports and fight wars such as Iraq, while the Americans cut taxes for the rich.

The real threat is the coming war between America and China over oil, and that is why you will never see America leaving Iraq anytime soon. Unlike the War on Terror, the war with China will be a real war, similar in scale to that with Japan in WWII (also fought over resources). This time, the outcome does not look so good, as unlike in WWII, America has lots its industrial base, and now import over 1/2 its fuel. Relax, this war is still 10-15 years away, oil may be at 500 dollars a barrel then.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 5:18:00 PM, Blogger hillz said...

"Try writing to your March 14 politicians that let you down and getting them to quit playing Hezbollah's game. "

didn't i mention thati didn't go to march 14 famous demonstration, and before you go saying pro-kheeeeezbollah, i wanna inform you that i didn't go to march 8 kheeeszbollah demonstration either.
surprized?? not in you ready prepared images??

we know this land and we know the people. maybe unike u.

At Tuesday, August 08, 2006 1:06:00 AM, Blogger Enriqueta said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Tuesday, August 08, 2006 2:05:00 AM, Blogger hillz said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Tuesday, August 08, 2006 2:07:00 AM, Blogger hillz said...

It’s that kind of degenerative behavior and of those with extremist view that costs lives.
You do not see Christians or hindus, buddest going nuts if Jesus or the Buddha has been defamed.
See Enriqueta?
judjements again, i won't tell u about my opinion in that incident (which is in the archive of jamal's blog) as u stated that i am full of hatred.

u don't know the difference between childish judjement and political decisions.

u seem not to read what i write now and what i posted previously..

Thanks again for ur blessings,

I will benifit from my "freedom" not to answe u back anymore.. you know, cause i am full of hatred as u stated.


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