(A Poem-a-Day, part of:
A Song (re)Cycle: Of Rage & Defiance; Of Grief; and Of Hope.
Part 2: Of Grief)

One more night
I tumble from grace
I abandon my senses
I scatter over the sewers
And go to sleep

In corners dank and pungent
I find them
Lurking behind my smile
I throw them across the horizon
That I might cease to be

Why don't you come out of your darkness
Shine once more
Like the dying sun?
I curl into a lie
And roll

I cry, and cry, and cry
But they are never here
They recede further and further
Into my memory
And in it I drown
Behind them

Do you hear my screaming
When it's hoarse?
Do you still rise
Like the moon
Bloody and round?


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