Wake up Israelis!!!

Nasrallah is always a step ahead.

Nasrallah threatened to hit Tel-Aviv after Israel threatened to bomb the center of Beirut and said verbatum this would be only a reaction not an action. Then he said he will stop now if Israel stopped its aggression on Lebanon. CNN only shows that Nasrallah threatend to hit Tel-Aviv. I am sure the media in Israel is as quiet as the American media has been. They are misleading you.

He also said, It is not Israel, Israel is just a tool and Olmert is a fool. Israel will suffer for days to come, for future generations. It will suffer the hate of the world just because it is being used, through Olmert's thirst for power, by the bloodthirsty administration in the USA. The USA refused Israel's request to pressure Syria to exert some influence on HA. The USA asks Israel to hit "terrorist cells" in Syria. Nasrallah is right. He asks the Arab leaders not to be fools. Not to support America just to keep their leadership. He says the new "middle east" will not include your posts, it will not necessarily include your countries. Arabic countries are to be dissected down and weakened down and reduced to small colonies based on religion and sects (Iraq). Nasrallah is right.

Israel is just being used by the neo-conservatives to fight the Arabic countries and control the region. We are being killed and so are you. Israel will not benefit from this. WAKE UP!!!

In a time where most Arabic countries have signed a peace treaty with Israel (or are on the same page with the U.S), in a time where Lebanon was willing to forget the invasion and the occupation, in a time where HA's only excuse to exist was for Israel to implement UN resolution 425 (give back the shabaa farms, the lebanese prisoners, the minefield maps) so that the lebanese government, part of a working plan with the US and part of the national dialogue could work on intergrating HA in its army, Israel feels threatened (by Iran) and starts the war on Lebanon. What we know tobe ethnic cleansing they call surgical killing. Now what? forgive again? understand its paranoia? understand why the Israeli ambassador to the US keeps talking about the holocaust now like it's our fault. Every time Israel feels threatened we have to be bombed out of existence? the world politicians talk about it like we're less of human being? Israel is threatened by HA? we're in the midst of the most horrific aggression on Lebanon and nobody came close as to fighting back with the same proportion...who's to be scared and threatened here?.. to destroy Lebanon is their answer? but you see.. they did it before.. then we felt threatened.. then we had a resistance... now they do it again..Are they safer now? As someone put it, Israel should start protecting itself from Israel.


At Friday, August 04, 2006 4:23:00 PM, Blogger UncleSam said...

ALL of Nasrallah's comments were actually reported on Fox News yesterday and they draw a hell of a lot more viewers than CNN. The only reason Nasrallah is offering a truce is because they are losing precious resources from ongoing Israeli operations, of course if you listen to the Hezbolla propoganda machine I'm sure you think they are winning. Kind of reminds me of Baghdad Bob from the Iraq invastion.
I comb the internet for hours every day looking for info and I have found nothing indicating that Israel has pressured U.S. to do anything other than support them. The claim that USA has asked Israel to hit terrorist cells in Syria is crazy, this would only spark a much larger conflict bringing a direct engagement with Iran and Syria and serves no U.S. interest.
It is you who should wake up! Israel isn't being used by anybody! It is you who are being used by Iran and Syria, most likely to distract the world from Iran's nuclear ambitions. Israel has no reason to want to control the region. They have a supreme military which they only used when provoked, if they wanted to dominate the region there would be a Star of David flying over Beirut, or what would be left of it.
Your claim that Hezbolla's only reason to exist is to implement UN resolution 425, this is a total farce. Israel has tried the land for peace deal and it has proven to be a mistake. Just look at Gaza and Hamas: their were given land back and as a result Hamas just uses it to continue to launch attacks against Israel, they don't want peace! Regarding the Shebaa farms: it isn't your land anyway! It was taken from Syria in a war they lost and for the most part started! And ever hear of UN resolution 1559? Grow some balls and take control of your own country!
"Isreal starts the war on Lebanon"
Are you kidding me? A force that your country allows to exist despite 1559, attacks/Invades Israel and they finally decide they have had enough and respond accordingly. What am I missing here? Seriously, please tell me.

At Friday, August 04, 2006 4:36:00 PM, Blogger Mohamed said...

I think after his last speech, there is no doubt that this man in total control over his troops, the circumstances and that he is always a step ahead.
His words didn’t leave any doubt that HA is not a terrorist party especially after saying that he prefers ground fight with IDF troops. He is as usual so confident and calm. I really do sympathize Olmert or any guy facing a great leader as Hassan Nasr Allah.
Wish that Israeli's people hear his last speech and understand it.

At Friday, August 04, 2006 5:34:00 PM, Blogger Mohamed said...

Again I find my self obliged to reply...
I really can understand that we can't change your mind set in several days, but come on, what peace you are talking about here? Please answer those couple of questions not to me but to your self.

-What are the actual borders of the state of Israel?
- How can a looser launch 300 missile within 24 hours?

You cant afford to know that the force equation in the area is changing for good that is it, words like star of David and all of those words are really nonsense, you can have a great job within the IDF public relation Dept.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 1:53:00 AM, Blogger Akiva M said...

"- How can a looser launch 300 missile within 24 hours? "

Huh? How many missiles did the arab armies fire in 1967? In 1972? How did those turn out?

Again with the disease of Arab dignity: the "resistance", the "defenders of Lebanon" have not managed to do much in the way of "resisting" or "defending". All that they have done is bring down Israeli destruction on Lebanon. But to people like you, Hezbollah is winning, because they say that they haven't been hurt.

Guess what, they have been hurt. Know how you can tell? When Ahmadinejad starts bleating about needing a ceasefire, that's sure-fire evidence that his proxy boys are getting their heads beat in and need the battering to stop.

BTW, what type of idiot is Nasrallah. Doesn't he remember when he threatened Haifa? What exactly was the reaction to that? When has "we will hit your cities" ever scared the Israelis? And what does Hezbollah claiming the capability of hitting Tel Aviv (they need to work on their aim, considering one of their latest hit Jenin :P )do expect underline why Israel cannot leave Hezbollah alone?

Also, how many missiles actually hit anything? If Hezbollah keeps firing missiles at that rate, it will run out in 40 days. (~13,000-15,000 missiles at the start of the conflict, 300/day*40 = 12,000, and they've fired at least 2,000 so far). Any way you slice it, Hezbollah is a failure and Nasrallah is far from the brightest bulb in the batch.

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 2:27:00 PM, Blogger Mohamed said...

To whatever your name is ' sorry I don’t mean to be rude I really don’t know it' any way, again why do you like to turn around issues rather than hitting them, why are you speaking about 67 and 73?? More over why didn’t you mention 82 when the IDF marched so easily in SL 'compared to now', again you are the one who is living in a conspiracy about Iran and Syria. I really got bored from explaining it, any way lets do it again, as for Syria, cant you understand that they do nothing for HA within the past 4 weeks?? Let me follow you that Syria is FIGHTING with HA, actually it is not, Syria is only packing HA verbally as all the Arab people and even in Europe, can you see any Syrian soldier tank or MIG's on the battle, how come after this nightmare ends that Syria can claim a role in this resistance or even HA to say that he is packed by Syria?? On other words if Syria is packing HA the way you say so the IDF would find at least a Syrian tank in SL or even a gun.
The fact here is that Syria only packs HA verbally as the Arab and the European people unless in your opinion any one protest against your holly war in Europe will be a part of the Syrian conspiracy.
As for Iran, it is different, as we all know the bond between Iran and HA, but let's be realistic here, we all know that HA is a pressure point in Iran's hand while negotiating it's nuclear future, but with a war like that Iran will loose this pressure point.
Just think about it.

Why didn’t you answer the first question?? Or is unknown yet!!!

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 3:03:00 PM, Blogger JoseyWales said...

Whose country is being destroyed?

Those are the people who need to wake up, along with the morons cheering them on from far remote Arab lands, and calling "up" "down" and 1 million people without a home a "victory".

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 3:14:00 PM, Blogger Ofer said...

1. The Israeli media showed all of Nasrallah's speech, we saw everything you saw. I understand Arabic, and the Hebrew subtitles were precise.

2. Olmert may indeed be a fool, but Israel is not acting as a tool of the USA. The neo-cons may be happy that we're doind what we're doing, but this is coincidence. We are at war with a military organization (I am not using the term terrorist, because it is indeed not the case) that wants to destroy us. If your national dialogue would have been more efective, if your government were stronger, we wouldn't have to be in this mess in the first place

3. There is no UN resolution that says that the Shebaa Farms are part of Lebanon, on the contrary. If the UN decides that the Farms are Lebanese, Israel will return them in a heartbeat. There is nothing there, we don't want this territory for ourselves. If the UN sticks with its current opinion, that the Farms are Syrian, we will negatiate their return with Syria and not Lebanon. Get you facts straight before you lash out.

4. Israel is not interested in ethnical cleansing in Lebanon, or anywhere else. We are compassionate, peace-loving people and we only want to live in peace.

5. You can see my opinion on how to solve the Arab-Israeli problem on my own blog: http://saneisraeli.blogspot.com

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 4:07:00 PM, Blogger mikealpha said...

Nasrallah is a great tactical genius. He is cleverly ceding all the land south of the Litani river. But is this frees up his now homeless and destitute followers to flee to the north. Has there ever been a more effective defense ? And I'm sure equally brilliant moves will follow. Perhaps he goad the Israelis into destroying more of Lebanon's infrastructure. Maybe he entice them into taking the Bekka valley?

At Sunday, August 06, 2006 4:32:00 PM, Blogger Akiva M said...

Mohammed - because I get the feeling your answer to the first question is "none" - Israel isn't a state, shouldn't exist, and thus can have no borders.

As for my answer - look at a map. See the line that goes around Israel, and includes the Golan Heights and the West Bank? That's Israel's border. When Syria is ready to have peace with Israel - not something that will happen as long as ass-ad is in power -Israel will return the Golan and the Shabaa farms to Syria, or some negotiated portion thereof, and Israel will have a new border. If the Palestinians ever wake up and realize that "kill Israelis" isn't a particularly successful negotiation tactic, the west bank will no longer be a part of Israel, and the border will be redrawn again. Why do you ask?

As for Iran and Syria, who said they were fighting with Hezbollah? They have simply been supplying arms and orders. Why would they put their own people in harms way, when they can accomplish what they want to with Lebanon's?

Anyway, you didn't actually respond to any of the points in my post. I wonder why . . .

Fact is, Hezbollah has been hurt, and quite a bit. Unfortunately, not fatally. But if they don't get the ceasefire they want, then it will be a LONG time before they are a significant threat again.

And if they manage to build themselves up, on the strength of the desire for vengence many Lebanese undoubtedly feel right now? Then this will happen again. Hopefully, enough people will recognize that to take the steps necessary to keep them from building back up, regardless of the emotional appeal of it.

At Sunday, August 06, 2006 6:36:00 PM, Blogger Philip I said...

New post:

Security Council Corners Syria

At Monday, August 07, 2006 2:41:00 AM, Blogger Mohamed said...

I didn’t know that you want my reply so any way sorry for the late reply, let me be specific to your point which is whether HA being hurt or not, no one on earth even me can imagine the HA is not being hurt till now!! Though your preset thoughts, we are realistic… of course HA is being hit but no one including the IDF leaders can determine precisely the amount of damage, so lets look at the results and thanks God I didn’t see your reply till today August 6th , as there are 12 IDF soldiers killed today and more than 20 were hurt, and wake up this is not the Arabic media illusions, it’s on your own TV, be patient and think about it well, let's see where were those soldiers? They were actually in Israel!!! Not even on the front lines!!! Needless to mention the fruitless droppings around Sour City some time before where one IDF soldier was killed and many were injured, needless to mention what happened on the Tayba where Ten Israeli's tanks withdrew, needless to mention the fruitless dropping on that hospital in baalabek, needless to mention how many missile attacks and WHERE was done in the last couple of days, do you have time for more??
I think my point is very clear even for you… it is simply that you are really suffering from total and painful loses all over, I can understand that you cant believe this, but actually that is what happening now on the ground and please safe me the headache that you have taken some villages because we all know that those villages are border's villages and even so they are not yet safe for the IDF occupying them, remember Maron El Ras??

That's why I'm saying that HA is not the looser here, HA is doing a great job on ground till now though the entire air bombing, again no one is saying that HA is not hurt but tell you what? You are hurted much much more that HA, and you are the one loosing.


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