Peace march in Brussels

(Photo courtesy of a Belgian friend who was present at the demonstration.)
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PS: The link is in Dutch, but you just have to click on "video" (upper right) then "play" to view photos

Sun 06/08/06 - A march against the war in Lebanon has taken place in Brussels for the second consecutive Sunday. Several thousand people of all ages took to the streets of the capital in protest at the bloodshed.
A group of young children wearing white t-shirts and carrying white balloons were at the head of the march.
Also at the front of the march were a group of men dressed as Israeli soldiers and a model of an Israeli tank driven by a caricature of the US President George W Bush.
Their presence and that of the children was meant to symbolise "Israeli aggression against the civilian population of Lebanon".
As at last Sunday's demonstration, many people carried Palestinian and Lebanese flags.
However, this time many more Belgians joined members of the ethnic minorities at the protest.
There were also more middle aged and older people than at the first peace demonstration on Sunday 30 July.
A little further on the demonstrators carried coffins bearing Lebanese and Palestinian flags. The protesters want an immediate cease-fire to be called in Lebanon.


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