A Northern Tail

I am fed up! Surrounded by an enemy for a southern neighbor, and a pest of brotherhood on our northern and eastern border, we just needed creepy guests in the Palestinian Camps to make our life perfect! Fat7 El-Islam my foot. A collection of moron sociopaths - nothing less; a collection bank looters and highway robbers, Thelma and Louise were better gangsters!!

Have they run out of enemies in the IDF so that they start killing the Lebanese Army personnel? I heard on Jazeera there spokesman (sic) claiming he wants to defend the “Ahl el Sunna” in Lebanon. More self-appointed saviors for those who do not need saving. Who’s next? The Simpsons?

Bearded Ma Bakers! Islam does not need you. Sunnis do not need you, and God knows, God does not need you. Palestine is Southwards, Nahr El Barid is 150KM far off your destination. March away, and watch that you do not trip with your tails.


At Monday, May 21, 2007 3:10:00 AM, Blogger E. Buki said...

The only reason you have an enemy southward is that you failed to stop these Palestinian, moron-sociopaths from shooting rockets southward in the early 1980's and then failed to keep your Hezbollah creeps from doing the same last year. Israel would never have invaded you either time if you had managed to keep order in your country. Palestine's capital is Amman and thats where you should be sending your local sociapaths.

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