Patriarch Sfeir and President Bush

Tomorrow Patriarch Sfeir will meet with President Bush. Here's what I'm hoping that President Bush will say to the press:

Patriarch Sfeir is a wise man and one of the spiritual pillars of Lebanon and guardians of its pluralism and tolerance. Patriarch Sfeir came to plead to me that we, the strong and powerful countries, not disturb the delicate balance that exists between Lebanese. He hoped that, instead, we work towards providing a safe and calm atmosphere for the Lebanese to negotiate an agreement that will last for generations to come. In discussing Hizbollah, the Patriarch assured me that Hizbollah has numerous and loyal supporters in Lebanon. The Patriarch stressed that he consideres all these supporters fellow Lebanese, and would never like to see them treated any less than that. We all know that Hizbollah's followers are mostly from the Shiite confession, and I was deeply moved to see the Maronite Patriarch make such a sincere and passionate plea on behalf of his Lebanese brethren. This meeting was very enlightening for me and I thank the Patriarch for his honesty and admire his devotion for his homeland with all its peoples.

Offcourse, life is not as ideal.


At Thursday, March 17, 2005 2:44:00 AM, Blogger QArab said...

of course another scenario would be for Bush to call the Lebanese ambassador and say: "Why in the world are you sending me a religious man to help resolve your problems... haven't you guys learned that nothing but trouble comes from organized religion? don't you have some new secular and pragmatic leaders you can send me? Now, that I'll meet with this one, does that mean I have to meet with the Orthodox one, the Catholic One, the Sunni, the Shiite, and the Druze??? no wonder you guys can't get your act together. Let me introduce you to an American concept called "separation of church and state".. wow.. what a novel concept.. you guys should try it.

Of course, life is not ideal.

At Thursday, March 17, 2005 12:59:00 PM, Blogger gbaikie said...

I think the main concern that Bush and other leaders have in regard to Lebanon is that your upcoming elections should not be interferred with by foreign powers such as Syria and/or Iran, but of course, this also includes all countries [including the US].

In characterizing his meeting with Patriarch Sfeir, it's unlikely that Bush will mention State relations, but would instead describe his discussion as personal visit [though in the actual private discussion they may talk about wide range of issues]. But if instead Bush says they talked about US relations and policy towards Lebanon, Bush would making a mistake, Bush would in affect be making Patriarch Sfeir Lebanon's foriegn minister and thereby Bush would be interfering with Lebanon's politics [at miminum be slighting Mahmoud Hammoud- who I believe is Lebanon's current foriegn minister]
But as far as the part about "the strong and powerful countries, not disturb the delicate balance that exists between Lebanese" this is normal US policy in regards to all nations. The only clear message that Bush has been sending is that Syria should be following this rule in regards to Lebanon.


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