The Traitors Rattle Their Sabres

It has begun. Moments after Bashar al-Assad's semi-convincing speech, Syrian allies in Lebanon (I still shiver with disgust when I picture such a thing) rallied in Beirut, armed, and moving around the town in threatening fashion. Syrian Baath Lebanese branch (oxymoronic, isn't it), Amal party, and Syrian Nationalistic party joined hand in hand with Syrian workers and Intelligence agents, armed to the teeth, carrying pictures of al-Assad and staged small marches.

In Sassine square, Ashrafieh, a vehicle containing people from this group opened fire, shooting in the air, into shop windows and at the feet of unarmed, civilian protesters.

The Syrian dictator warned that a Syrian withdrawal might lead to civil war once again, now, it seems he's working hard to make sure his warning materializes.

I will be updating this to my blog as I learn of new developments.


At Sunday, March 06, 2005 4:51:00 AM, Blogger liminal said...

I have a not so good feeling at the moment.

I still didn't see the speech. But I'm getting bad vibes.

At Sunday, March 06, 2005 6:52:00 AM, Blogger Raja said...

well, you've visited my blog and know what I think about the speech. It was semi convincing because Assad was speaking in a kind of "frank" tone.

However, I wonder how he felt - knowing that he ordered the assasination of Hariri. Did it at least pinch him???

Unfortunately, I know that some in Lebanon might have fallen for his words. I predict that in a few days people will forget his speech and act as if it didn't happen.

You see, this is another situation where the Ba'ath regime shoots itself in the foot. They quash the media, and they kill anyone who threatens their grip on power. That's all good... but Assad can't use those means today. He's rellying on the media. My question is: what group of media pundits are going to support him? Which popular editor in Lebanon or "political analyst" is going to stand up for him? Very few.... Why?

Because of the fact that the Ba'ath know how to use force, and force alone to attain their political ends. They suck at everything else.... They're from a different political era.


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