The Price of Celebrations

This time, the festivities were less than expected: only one killed and thirteen injured on the occasion of freeing Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, out of prison! Many would regard this as outrageous: Nabih gets four people killed, while Geagea just one? Ma bisir, this cannot be accepted! The assault took place in the Southern Suburb, Saida El-Kadima St., a place mostly populated by Hizbullah's partisans. It is worth mentioning here that Hizbullah's 13 MPs had walked out of the parliament, just before the vote was called. However, this did not affect the vote, which was almost unanimous, with 100 MPs voting for the release of the jailed warlord.
"The Civil War is over", said Strida Geagea, "we will take a long holiday in Europe, before he engages in political life again." I guess the couple deserves a second honeymoon after 11 years of separation, but in the meantimes, it's the turn of Bilal Saifeddine's family to mourn their son.


At Tuesday, July 19, 2005 5:29:00 PM, Blogger Benoit Lapierre said...

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At Friday, July 22, 2005 9:31:00 AM, Blogger End racism said...

The civil war is over? Engaging in political life again?

God help us.

I'm beginning to think Strida should've joined him in prison rather than the other way around. She has the same sick, criminal mind that he does, after all.

At Friday, July 22, 2005 1:32:00 PM, Blogger Tempest said...

ah, Marsden... glad to see you weren't one of the fuckers that blew themselves up in london... better luck next time, eh old chap?


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