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I took the liberty of copying pasting an email I received from a friend. Plz ACT NOW:

"I thank all those who are already doing what they can to help and for all your emails of love and support. I appreciate all those who are thinking and sympathizing with us. Feeling with us is not enough. Everyone has a part to play. Lebanon is not a spectacle to watch on television, or an intellectual conversation to have at a dinner. We are a people who are unjustly and inhumanely being targeted, attacked and killed. Each of YOU has the ability to do something to help. PLEASE DO IT.


The following organizations are collecting money to buy basic supplies for the internally displaced populations in Lebanon and provide them with food, water, and medical treatment. We ask everyone who can send donations, however small, to please do so. See below for bank account information and contact your bank to find out how to transfer funds.

Al Huda Society, Ras Beirut. Director: Najla Nusseir Bashour
- A/C No: 02 02 43020 047465
Allied Bank, Hamra Branch
UID: CH035040

- JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York
A/C No: 544729035

- Bank of New York, New York
A/C No: 8900057343

Relief Center, Sanayeh Garden, Beirut.
c/o Georges Azzi (founding member of 05 Amam: www.05amam.org)
- Bank Name: Credit Libanais SAL Beirut – Agence Sassine
Swift Code: CLIBLBBX
Client Name: M. Al Azzi Georges Chaker
Account Number:
Update: if unable to send money to the account listed, plz send through the Greenline Association. for more info, check here

The Lebanese Red Cross working with the International Red Cross:
Audi Bank
Bab Idriss
Account No: 841500

Mercy Corps
Has set up a special fund to donations to Lebanon:

You can donate directly on the internet:


Donate by Phone: 1 (888) 256-1900 (toll-free)
Donate by Mail: Mercy Corps / Dept W / PO Box 2669 / Portland OR 97208

To HELP in ADVOCACY assistance:

* For US citizens, please write or call to your state senators or representatives and let them know how you feel about the atrocities in Lebanon. In a Senate vote two days ago, every senator voted in full-support of Israel. Attached are two draft letters, one calls governments to speak up about the worsening humanitarian situation, while the other calls for political action. You can find your Congressional representatives contact information on the following link:

- http://www.congress.org/congressorg/directory/congdir.tt

You can find links to other representatives such as state and local officials, Senators, the Vice-President and the President at:

- http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

* Write or Call the American and Israeli Embassies in your respective countries. Let them know exactly what you think about US silence and unquestioned support of Israel’s military actions, let them know your fear that these actions may engender much larger threats to Israel, the US, and the region at large.

You can find the link to your respective US embassies, their addresses and telephone numbers at the following link:
- http://usembassy.state.gov/

For the Israeli embassies worldwide and their information go to:
- http://mfa.gov.il/mfm/web/main/default.asp?

* Sign the petitions and polls that are circulating in support of Lebanon. The following is a link to an international petition supporting Lebanon you should sign.

- http://julywar.epetitions.net

And here is a link to a CNN poll about whether you think Israeli aggression on Lebanon is justified. Scroll down the article you will see the poll on the right.

- http://edition.cnn.com/2006/WORLD/meast/07/13/mideast/index.html

* Raise Awareness among the people you know. You can start by forwarding this message on to your list of contacts.

To keep up with the NEWS:

Here is a link to the Tayyar website. They provide articles on the situation in Lebanon updated every 15 minutes:

- http://www.tayyar.org/tayyar/pages.php?page=english

I have also attached pictures put together by a dear friend of mine who recently left Beirut. I hesitated forwarding them on because I didn’t want Lebanon to turn into another Iraq in people’s minds, just more dead bodies, but as I scroll through the New York Times and CNN photo galleries, I notice that the real suffering and loss people are experiencing in Lebanon is absent, so I’ve included them." ( here is an example of the atrocities commited, and are still, by the Israelis in less that a week)

Update: It is highly important that you check Mirvat's blog as well, to know more about a candlelight vigil Saturday night from 8 to 9pm, on the southside of Union Square Park, in support of a ceasefire in Lebanon, and sample letters to be sent to representatives there.

Finally, don'y forget about protests all over the world, you can join too
Saturday July 22th 2006- INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST ISRAELI AGGRESSION (You too can say something against what is happening to Lebanon)

In London: Whitehall Place, SW1, (12 Noon), Contact: office@stopwar.org.uk Tel 020 7278 6694, go to: www.stopwar.org.uk
In France, Dijon - Place Darcy (13h30)
In Australia, Adelaide - (12PM) at Parliament house in Adelaide
In Australia, Melbourne - (1PM) at the state Library in the city on Swanston Street
In Australia, Canberra - (12:30PM) at the Garema Place
In Canada, Ottawa - (11AM) in front of the parliament in Ottawa
In Canada / London - (12noon) in front of the John Labbatt Centre on King Street
In France, Dijon - (13:30) Place Darcy
In Germany, Munich - (3:30 PM) Kalsplatz
In Germany / Munich - (15:30-17:30) rally from Stachus to Rindermarkt
In Germany, Frankfurt - (2 PM) - Homburger Landstrasse/Ecke Friedberger Warte (contact: Tel.: 0172 519 84 13 , 0152 051 251 25, 0162 932 83 04 )
In Hong Kong - (11:00 AM) in central station Hong Kong
In Palo Alto - Vigil, 7pm, University Avenue Square
In USA Columbus, Ohio - (6-8PM) 15th and High Street
Across the UK
In Birmingham: 1-3pm, outside Waterstones at the entrance to the Bullring.
In Exeter 11am-1pm at Bedford Square on Exeter High Street
In Edinburgh: Assemble 2pm: The Mound precinct, Princes Street.
In Glasgow: Assemble 12 noon: George Square
In Kirkcaldy: Assemble 12 Noon outside Kirkcaldy Town House
In Manchester: Assemble 1.00pm: Outside the BBC. Oxford Road.
Contact: info@mancsagainsttanks.org Tel: 07760 224 580
In Newcastle: Assemble Grey's Monument 1pm Nearest Metro: In Monument, Contact 07914 606 452
In Norwich: From 1pm. The Haymarket, Norwich city centre.
In Sheffield: Noon. Town Hall.
In York: 1.00pm. St Sampsons Square


At Friday, July 21, 2006 6:12:00 PM, Blogger BeefStu said...

We are a people who are unjustly and inhumanely being targeted, attacked and killed. Each of YOU has the ability to do something to help. PLEASE DO IT.

No, you're a people who apparently allows terrorists to thrive within your country, launch attacks against Israel from within your country, and use civilians as shields within your country. When are you going to take responsibility for that and stop blaming Israel for defending herself? Each of YOU has the ability to rid Lebanon of the infection known as Hizballah. When are you going to act?

At Friday, July 21, 2006 6:21:00 PM, Blogger X21 said...

beefstu, each of them has the ability to drive Hezbollah from Lebanon? The Israeli war machine could not drive Hezbollah from Lebanon despite an eighteen year occupation. You are nothing more then an apologist for indiscriminate slaughter; you multiply lies like nature multiplies kudzu in Alabama.

We are witnessing the collective punishment of defenseless civilians, the complete distruction of civilian infrastructure- roads, ports, airports, dairy factories, power plants, water treatment facilities, lighthouses for Gods sakes- and you sit in your living room cheering it on.

At Friday, July 21, 2006 6:24:00 PM, Blogger Mirvat said...


At Friday, July 21, 2006 6:26:00 PM, Blogger arch.memory said...

Eve, excellent post! You have given my the strength again. I am e-mailing it to everybody in my e-mail address book!

At Friday, July 21, 2006 6:39:00 PM, Blogger jooj said...

Eve, ya3teeki alf 3afyi. I am emailing this post to EVERYONE I know!

Arch, glad you are posting again!

To all LBF admins, can we add a web counter (like NeoCounter) to display who are dear online visitors are?

At Friday, July 21, 2006 7:04:00 PM, Blogger BeefStu said...

antonin, considering that Hizballah had/have the support of large numbers of Lebanese AND that they have no qualms about hiding among civilians, it's no surprise that Israel couldn't completely rid Lebanon of that cancer even with an occupation.

How do you propose destroying Hizballah? Do you even acknowledge or remember that they are the root cause of the current situation? What is the launching of thousands of inaccurate missiles at Israel if not "collective punishment" and "indiscriminate"? And yes, I unapologetically cheer on Israel because they're doing the hard work that Lebanon was unable (or maybe just unwilling?) to do herself.

At Friday, July 21, 2006 8:08:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

mirvat, I'll add it right away.

في سايت ميتر تحت، لا؟

khay :)

take your conversation away from here. if you have info about more protests to add, then you are welcome, if not, your comments will be deleted for non relevance.

At Friday, July 21, 2006 8:19:00 PM, Blogger Robert Gregory said...


Thanks for the great website...I too am dedicated to the cause of freeing Lebanon from this dispicable war by Israel and the US.

I have followed your links and will continue to do as much as I possibly can.

I have started my own blog recently and seek to provide useful analysis and news on Lebanon.

Please tell me if I could be added to your blog links.

I am also in search of additional contributors that could possibly provide a perpective from Lebanon.

In solidarity,



At Friday, July 21, 2006 8:21:00 PM, Blogger Relief Center - Sanayeh, media group said...

Regarding donations to the Sanayeh Relief Center:
Some people have reported not being able to send money to the account listed. If this is a problem, they can send it through the Greenline Association (one of the groups which is part of our effort). The information you will need is here.

At Friday, July 21, 2006 9:08:00 PM, Blogger Enriqueta said...

I reposted on my site, thanks with my own changes, sorry but i have to stay true i am not waffler.

Hey could you please see that the meter is changed to private, so that only your team can see it.

I think its wise!

At Friday, July 21, 2006 10:18:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

thx for the update everyone, my connection is really bad (thx to the invasion again), so it may take me a while to update. I hope one of the other administrators will in the meantimes. arch, can you?

At Monday, July 31, 2006 7:06:00 PM, Blogger cnayla said...

To BeefStu and Antonin,
I am Lebanese and unfortunately both of you are right.
I am shocked with the way Israel is responding to Hizballah, if they really wanted to find them and avoid civilian casualties they could have done that 2 weeks ago by sending more ground troops, a less coward way of fighting the war. On the Hizballah and Lebanese side, it is true I think that Lebanon is at wrong here. We had a chance to ask for Hizballah's disarmement but we didn't, instead we started a "hiwar" that never reached a tangible solution and here we are today.
Unfortunately, the more Israel continues with killing civilians and massive air attacks, the more the Lebanese will unite against it. Hizballah is gaining more support and while it was once an illegal armed militia within Lebanon it is now becoming the LDF of Lebanon (Lebanon Defense Forces!)
I am so sad to see that the solution is far from being imagined. I hate my government as a whole for being so weak, so silent and so supportive of Hizballah but I understand their weakness, silence and support to the Hizb. It's frustrating really. I just wish the young Lebanese community, the Lebanese of tomorrow, the Lebanese of the Cedar Revolution, will wake up and demand an halt to this conflict, demand Hizballah to stop firing rockets inside Israel and thus, ask for our government to disarm the political faction. No political group can be allowed to have arms. And by the way, Hizballah won already so if it was strategic enough it would stop now and appear to the Arabs and the international community as the good ones here instead of the "terrorists" that some like to call them. Also, I wish Israel could stop their air raids campaign against Lebanon and Lebanese civilians. It will only get worse. If you want to fight the Hizb. fight it with more of your men not more of U.S. bombs.
Both Isralis and Lebanese reading this message, we have to stop this, neither side wants more deaths, Lebanon was striving before the Hizballah kidnapped the prisonners. Lebanon was supposed to live its Golden Summer in 2006...instead it is living its summer of hell. Politicians can be pressured by the people, unless the people themselves want this to continue...and as always...use the language of winners and losers! Remember this is not a boardgame...the little ones we are burying in Cana today or the wounded in Haifa, can be you tomorrow in Beirut or Tel Aviv.


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