For Lebanon, For God And Country

A poem by Billy the Blogging Poet

What fate awaits the children,
their mothers, fathers too.
For two they take two hundred
and there's nothing we can do.

The lie they tell, "In self defense,"
but revenge is all they seek.
They cannot kill the mighty
so they choose to kill the meek.

And when the battle's ended
will anything be changed?
The minds of men cannot be won
with bombs and burnt remains.

The message will be lost on those
who cried and paid the cost
while our leaders stuff their faces
on the flesh of children lost.

Isn't it about time the world comes to understand: as Lebanon dies so dies the world.


At Monday, July 24, 2006 3:03:00 PM, Blogger Pegasus said...

The Killing Must Cease

Never before in humanity have so many wars and killing been going on at the same time with the large number of civilian causalities save the nuclear bombings of Japan in WWII.

Israel has isolated themselves and has become one of the most paranoid schizophrenic countries in the world today. They only worry about themselves and will do anything to everyone else around them in the name of PEACE. They lie, cheat, steal land,imprisons, and murder countless civilians. Yet when one Israeli is even hurt they bring out all their weapons of mass destruction to reign terror on the men, women and children who have done nothing to them.

Three weeks ago in Gaza they killed a mother and her two children that were outside eating corn on the cob. They insisted that it was a Hamas rocket that killed

Everyone complains about Syria and Iran backing Hezbollah but no one complains that the US is backing Israel with massive WMD's. Where is the outrage ? In the days following this attract even right wing FOX TV discovered parts of the weapon that killed these people with the IDF stamp all over it. The said the beach attack in Gaza that killed many was due to a Hamas land mine. Later they were proved to be lying again. They are such consistent liars and provocateurs it stinks. Many reports say they have been planning this invasion of Lebanon for five years now. If they have been planning for five years they must have had a trigger to start this war. Right? I have heard reports that the Israeli soldiers crossed into lebanon and then were chased back into Israel by Hezbollah and they CAPTURED not kidnapped the two soldiers that all this mess has continued for.

Israel is the like the little spoiled kid that really needs to be smacked. I hope Hezbollah can smack them good. They are finally fighting an opponent with the means and will to do them some harm. They have been so used to attacking weak targets that they figured this would be a cake walk.

I do not like to see anyone killed even soldiers but Israel needs to be stopped and pushed back out of israel again.. It's time they lose a second was with lebanon and maybe they will keep their bloody fingers off of them this time.


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