Lesson about Israel

This post is written by Rabih, a photographer friend, on his Flickr page.

A lesson in Israeli Math
For the past two weeks Israel has also been bombing Gaza from sea, land and air, 60 civilians were killed among which a family of 9 including the parents and the children. All of this was in response to the capture of 2 israeli solider.

Israel has done the same in Lebanon yesterday, the outcome of the first day of combat is 50 civilians killed among which an entire family of 12, add to that lots of infrastructure bombed: 3 airports, an electricity plant, countless bridges etc. That was -of course- as Israel would put it, a legitimate response to Hizbollah's capture of 2 Israeli soldiers, after earlier clashes at the border... Now it’s almost a full-scale war, with Hizbollah continuously retaliating on northern Israel while the Israeli military machine executes an air-sea-land blockade and hits deep targets in Lebanon all the way up to the southern suburb of Beirut and the north of Baalbeck.

Moral of the story
Moral of the story as Israel would like the world in general and the arabs to understand:
  • An eye for an eye raised by 2 orders of magnitude= For 1 Israeli eye, 50-100 arab eyes + 10 bridges + 3 airports are required in exchange
  • We Israelis are dangerous don't step on our toes, don’t even come close to our toes… Hell don’t think of dreaming of having your shadow step on our toes!!! (Capisce!)
  • We're strong (with a roar)
  • We’re lethal and we mean it
  • Ah yep, the world's only superpower is 100% behind us, coz the US is 100% behind the lovers of freedom and democracy and human rights and who else than Israel in this whole pathetic excuse of a Middle-East, mollests freedom and democracy and human rights as good as us... daily (out of pure love & lust)... ooohh yeah!
  • Did I say we’re strong? Ah yep, yep, we are strong and don’t you forget that
Therapy couldn't even curb our anger
In a way the real story behind it goes more like this:
We Israelis are victims of history and we have a big complex out of it, and therapy wouldn't work. So, meanwhile Arabs (that means you poor little people around) have to suffer for the sins of the Roman empire, European Catholics, the Tsar of all Russias and last but not the least Mr. Adolf and friends! We are self-righteous, and we’re allowed to! After all, didn’t you watch Munich?!

Unfortunate fact
It is unfortunate that civilians have to die anywhere even in Israel. Almost all Israelis have immigrated there based on Zonist scheming propaganda (apart from the minority real refugees in WW2); the all encompassing Zionist machine continuously inviting jews all the way from the US to Yemen to Russia to Ethiopia etc... to immigrate to the promised land… of opportunity... and security… and hard work... asking them romantically and so innocently to come and plant trees and let the desert blossom and reap the milk and the honey (although that last part from the Bible is used for describing Lebanon)… The vast majority of Israelis even those in the army are like most people all around the world: Decent human beings looking for opportunity to have a good life and build a future for their children. Israel lures them into the trap, corners them, brainwashes the living daylights out of them and turns them into soldiers or more accurately into the fuel that foolish dreams (more like nightmares) are made of!

Palestinians are not imaginary creatures and the negotiation theory is not only about ball-busting!
Under the alibi of self-defense, Israel continues to turn its back to the miseries and injustice it created and continues to do towards the Palestinians. Israel wishes Palestinians didn’t exist because that could solve all the problems! YET THEY DO! And until Israeli politics finds a way to fix the injustice by making real peace building concessions that it can stick to -instead of the ‘negotiatory’ acrobatics it is so proficient in doing- all this madness is going to perpetuate itself!

The road to annihilation
Israel’s glorification of its military might and its blind worship of the founding myths of the Israeli state and Zionist forefathers will only lead to more incomprehensible and escalating violence and innocent civilian casualties until one of the parties annihilates the other! And we all can imagine how that might look like using the 20th century very efficient weaponry (as the 21st hasn’t produced any marvels of its own yet, or at least that we know of!).

Failed business plan
Israel should stop blindly following the already failed ‘business plan’ established by the forefathers of Zionism 100+ years ago, for whatever military might it managed to build, and whatever brainwashing disinformative ideas it managed to sell, the fact is, it is still a small nation occupying somebody else’s land surrounded by two hundred million human beings that it managed to turn into sworn enemies throughout a 100+ years of aggression (and not just since WWII as they like to claim).

Israel cannot win and it can’t lose in the foreseeable future either, Israel political and military doctrine will lead one day to mega-disasters (eclipsing its current mega-feats). This will happen, even if Israel is obviously making short term gains and allowing some of its politicians to weasel their way into the wide door of history and glory.

History has more patience than politics
In this region of the world, history points into one direction, and I don’t see how this direction would at all be favorable to the 'current Israel'! If Israel’s ultimate goal is to be a haven for Jews from future persecution, the current policies of the state of Israel are going to make it the chief reason for their future worries!

If the pee brains that are in power in Israel don’t stop looking at their immediate political gains and start looking at how they can build a seriously secure future for themselves and the Palestinians, we are all going to continue suffering till kingdom comes. One thing our region doesn’t obviously lack is patience! Time here goes slowly, years are counted in days and centuries in years, unfortunately for Israel, people’s emotions, aspirations and dreams don’t follow the stock market… For them "Kingdom comes" is what matters and "Kingdom comes" is probably tomorrow or worst comes to worst next year, and that’s not a long time to wait…

There will be life after Zionism
The current model of Israel as established by the Zionist institution is from the 19th century and from definitely different times... The way it is going, it is destined to crash as it is built on an anomaly, it takes a lot of effort to maintain such an anomaly – just look at the effort it has taken so far... Israelis should one day start thinking outside of the box -and that is the box of Zionism- and maybe then we could live happily ever after, I mean whoever is left to live ever after then... sadly!


At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:28:00 PM, Blogger SC said...

Wow, you are one hell of a young Nazi, Admad. Sig heil! Your views on Israel would make Hitler blush, although he is a hero in the muslim world so you should be proud.

I see a problem with muslims: They project their own evil onto the Jews. Everything YOU people blame the Jews of doing are evils your own savage devil people have perpetrated. Everywhere you muslims live there is savage horror.

You can't live with Jews. You can't live with Christians. You can't live with Hindus. You can't live with Secularists. You can't live with animists. You can't live with Buddhists.

With any luck, Israel will wipe out Hezballah and their supporters. God bless Israel and I pray it avenges the blood of its Jewish and Druze soldiers who were killed. Shi'ite blood should flow in the streets of Beirut, Tyre, etc.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:38:00 PM, Blogger francois said...

Syria was attacked , check www.libnanews.com

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:50:00 PM, Blogger Sir Sefirot said...

"We Israelis are dangerous don't step on our toes, don’t even come close to our toes… Hell don’t think of dreaming of having your shadow step on our toes!!! (Capisce!)"

"We’re lethal and we mean it"

"Did I say we’re strong? Ah yep, yep, we are strong and don’t you forget that"

Exactly. That's the point. That's the very point behind any retaliation.

And DO NOT forget that a single minute.

Do you hear that missile outside your window? Maybe it's coming for you...

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 4:56:00 PM, Blogger Garry said...

I don't think it's fair to label Ahmad a "Nazi" (he didn't write this post by the way - as he notes, it was written by his friend Rabih); obviously people are going to be upset and not thinking clearly during such a hellish situation.

But Rabih's "Israeli Math" comment is nonsense - he cannot be so naive to believe that "All of this is in response" to the abduction of 2 Israeli soldiers. That was simply the last straw, after hundreds and hundreds of rocket and mortar attacks into Israel over the past few years.

If a large Islamic terrorist group (whose openly stated goal was the destruction of the United States) based in Mexico was firing hundreds of rockets and mortars across the border into California and Texas, you can rest assured the U.S. would lay waste to whatever part of Mexico they were operating from - it wouldn't have even gotten to the point of our soldiers being kidnapped.

Hezbollah had an opportunity to disarm and choose peace after the Cedar Revolution. It did not (I'm sure their masters in Tehran would never allow such a thing), and now here we are. I understand Rabih's anger towards Israel. But he should save some of that wrath for Hezbollah and Iran.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 5:29:00 PM, Blogger J.B. said...

Everyone keeps bringing up the U.S., as some sort of touchstone for proportionate response.

Unfortunately, their actions in the last four years have put most of their legitimate activities under a cloud.

Let us look instead towards every other nation-state in the world. France and Russia, for example, who have criticised Israel throughout this crisis. They have admonished the Hizballah's actions as well, but I doubt they would have shown much self restraint if their country's sovereignty had been compromised.

Israel is not the bloodthirsty demon you make it out to be. Like you said, most Israelis are just like everyone in the world. Regular people with regular jobs and interests.

The same regular people who serve in the Israeli Defence Force.

Anything and everything that Rabih said encompasses the exact feelings that the people of Israel feel -- frustration, being attacked, being invaded, albeit our casualties and damages don't come close to what we're causing in Lebanon.

Israel has forever held out its hand in peace, and offered numerous occasion for negotiations. But most of the time, Israel never had a sincere partner. Often enough, Israel never offered a sincere partner. But where were the Arab states when mediation was needed? Where were they to pressure the Palestinian authority to get itself in order and lay the foundation for an independent state?

Instead, militant groups such as the Hizballah were allowed to prosper, under the guiding hand of oppressive invasion forces. Civil and sectarian war were fuelled, and petty bickering, assasination, and terrorist tactics flourished.

Thanks a lot. Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the rocket bombs, the influx of smuggled weapons, the drugs, the anti-Israeli rhetoric and the wonderful diplomatic exchanges throughout our 58 years of existence.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 5:53:00 PM, Blogger Shmulik said...

Indeed let us examine the rest of the world. You have talked about russia and france. Do you know of a city named Grozny in chechnia?? Ask how many civilians the russians killed there. Don't take my word, check in Wikipedia. Did you protest?? Do you know what happened in Algiers after the french "worked" there?? What about China in Tibet?? Let's not even talk about how Syria or Iraq used to solve their insurgency problems. Don't tell me what the world says, tell me what it does.Damn oil-drinking hypocrites.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 6:37:00 PM, Blogger J.B. said...

I think you misunderstood me.

I'm saying that the hipocrisy of the international community is astounding. Their call for restraint is ridiculous considering they would react similarly (if not worse) if they were in our situation.

This crisis can only be resolved through the elimination of foreign influences. Everyone would just love to sit back and watch us go at each other, then pick at the pieces when the dust settles, but from what I'm reading on these blogs, the Lebanese are just as frustrated by the Hizballah as we are.

I don't think that a prisoner exchange is appropriate. Our men are being held hostage, with no outside contact, no Red Cross support, no diplomatic relations.
They were kidnapped with the sole purpose of forcing the freedom of known terrorists under ransom. Whether or not there are innocent people held in these prisons is irrelevant -- they are not the reason the soldiers were taken. To prove that, we need only observe the fact that Hizballah is willing to put innocent lives and civilians in harm's way for the sake of its political agenda.

No, instead we need to turn to diplomatic relations, and a strong bond between the countries seeking to revolutionize the middle east.

We already have peace with Jordan and Egypt. We have before us a tremendous opportunity to work together with the Lebanese people. Create a local alliance that could serve as a defence against further influences from Syria and Iran. But this will only happen when Hizballah influences are expelled from the Lebanese democratic state, by the Lebanese people.

I don't pray, I'm not religious. but I've developed an empathy for the people on these blogs. I follow their ordeal more closely than I follow domestic news.
But I want this to be over, and I want this to have a lasting, significant, positive effect on the region.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 6:50:00 PM, Blogger Assistant Village Idiot said...

I think you also have it backwards when you contend that Israel will only be satisfied with the destruction of the Palestinians. If the Palestinans were destroyed, the arab nations would put up a new tribe to take their place.

What the Israelis want is to be left alone. There is no evidence to the contrary. Whether they fight justly and fight wisely can be debated. They may be doing a very bad job at defending themselves and some other tactics might well work better. But that does not obscure the fact that they are not attacking South Lebanon because they want to own it. They are attacking it to remove those who assault them. If the surrounding states ceased attacking Israel, the war would cease.

Many people in the arab countries would grudgingly allow Israel to remain, and don't take any action against it. That is nowhere near enough for responsible nationhood. If others on your street will not allow Israel to exist, you must either neutralize them in some way or expect that Israel will do it herself. To complain at that point that Israel is not respecting the many who do not wish her particular harm is ludicrous.

Rather than simply complain that the American government supports Israel (we support a lot of other countries in the region as well - yours, for example), you might consider why that is. I will give you a hint: Israel leaflets an area to warn the innocent to get out of danger. Who has ever don that for Israel? That is an example of the moral advantage they have over you, which you (plural, not you personally) are unable to see.

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 9:52:00 PM, Blogger Xylocaine said...

Ahmad took a lot of HEAT out of this blog...so i'm stepping in.....

We as ARABS always make a distinction between JEws and ZIONISTs... and it's unfair to lash out at religions....as SC did...just because of bin laden and co.

Lets' not forget that you took ISrael by force, kicked out as much palestinians as you can...and have been working and fighting for last 50 years to keep it!!!

However, more than 50 years ago....JEws lived in palestine and were well respected and their rights preserved...however they wanted more....Jews still live in many arab countries..moroco..lebanon...yemen...and even iran....and thay live freely and satisfied....i even heard that the jews of yemen refused to move to ISrael....even in the old ages there was never fighting between jews and muslims....

point is: We arabs, muslims and christians, have no problem with jews...

It's ISraeli politics that keeps bringing hatred...by killing ...fathers...brothers...sisters...children...mothers...imprisoning men...and refusing to share the land....

We arabs have lots of land...you can keep israel....but give the palestinians their rights...the syrians their land...and get out of LEbanon's shibaa farms.

The ARAB summit in beirut few years ago...offered peace to ISrael...but they didnt take it....WHY? Because ISrael cannot exist in peace...it will be demographically overrun peacefully by arabs...and would be forced to share ISrael with them...so it has to pull up a war every now and then...to kick everybody away....

At Saturday, July 15, 2006 10:16:00 PM, Blogger a h m a d said...

Xylocaine: Thank you. I know that "truth hurts" and I will continue to fight with my words. Thanks again for "stepping in." ;)

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 12:11:00 AM, Blogger J.B. said...

I'm sorry, that's just ridiculous.

No offence, X., but it seems to me you know NOTHING of our people.
You make it sound like I get up in the morning thinking how I'm going to oppress the Palestinians and rob the Syrians of their land.
Or a Tuesday morning pastime would be to go to the Rafah crossing and taunt the day-workers and students and grand-mothers trying to get across to their job, their school or their relatives.

Get real.

You want to know the truth? I get up in the morning wondering how I'm going to pay the rent, whether my boss will give me a raise, whether I'll meet a nice girl, and maybe I'll go visit my brother and his children.

Sometimes, I even go online and read about the latest developments in the world of hi-tech. I read boinboing.net and engadget.com daily.

Pretty much like you, I suppose, up to about a week ago.

X., I see from your profile you like Pink Floyd. You know what? I listened to "The Wall" three weeks ago, cover to cover, for the first time ever. One of the best damned albums I've ever heard. I don't know how I missed it until now.

Don't tell me what our political agenda is, ok?

1947 the palestinians under the British mandate had a choice. They were offered their own country. They didn't take it. Why? Because they would not tollerate living side by side with the Israelis.

Meet your new roommate.

We don't have anywhere -- and do you understand this? I'm saying no-where in the whole bloody world -- we don't have anywhere else to go.

So we're not packing up. And you'd better believe it we're here to stay.

You're being fed propaganda whose only purpose is to incite hatred and distract you from the real turmoil in your country and the cause of the real problems, sectarian violence and civil war, and corrupt gov't officials. Don't spout it back at us.

What kind of peace did the arab summit offer Israel? When was this? What kind of diplomatic relations do we have with Syria and Lebanon, our next door neighbours?

Yeah, peace on their terms. Thank you, but I think we'll take the war.

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 4:05:00 AM, Blogger Xylocaine said...

Don't take it personal... i'm not stereotyping Israelis...

Believe it or not...you can keep Israel...that's not my land or my fight...i don't have that ideology...i believe in people coming together and living as one with no borders...we can coexist in peace...and up to a week ago...well i had no true problem with Israel!

I really feel it's stupid to fight over a piece of land when you have lots of it. As arabs do... but it's not my land or my house that was taken so i have no right commenting on that.

Plus i'm not religious, so i could never understand or appreciate the issue of jerusalem...whether to jews or muslims! That's where Jesus was born right?:)

The common people as you and i have no political agenda...but who knows what the leaders are cooking...and you've got some real fundamentalists on your side of the border....they even killed PM Rabin.

We all know about that lost oppurtunity by palestinians in 1947...but hey give them a chance.

You Asked: What kind of peace did the arab summit offer Israel? When was this? What kind of diplomatic relations do we have with Syria and Lebanon, our next door neighbours?

The arab summit held in beirut 3-4 years ago i believe...offered full peace for the return of the land that was occupied in 1967...it was all over the news...and Actually it was the SAudi King that gave the proposition...And it stressed that the ARABS have taken the strategic choice of PEACE...

We got no answer from Israel...

Pink Floyd is the greatest by the way...heard that Roger Waters has a concert Overthere...try not to miss it...he's the mind behind the WALL.


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