Nasrallah Speaking

Update 19:46:
Nasrallah in a tv declaration:
- The israeli attacks to civil structures means they failed to face "almojahedeen"
- we are managing our operations in a delicate & organized way, a way that th ennemy doesnt expect
- we have no red lines after Now facing Israel
- as we surprised them in sea, we will surprise them on land.
- hizballah is not making hizballah's battle, neither Lebanon's one but the nation's battle!
- We have alot alot of weapons and what we used till now is a tiny percentage of them.
(source: MPF)
Till now we didn't hit the petro-chemical plants in 7aifa. we will re-think in our decisions again..


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 9:20:00 PM, Blogger Shmulik said...

-will your "courageous" mujahedeen get out of your villages to fight us? or will you corageously hide behind your civilians??
- Delicate indeed
- You had no red lines before
- As you have suprised an egypetian merchant vesel and sunk it. We have lost 4 sailors but Egypt has lost an entire ship.
- Does Hizballah represent your nation?? I am sure the world will be delighted to hear this.
- We have alot alot of weapons and what we used till now is a tiny percentage of them. (IDF)
- Till now we havn't used cluster bombs or Air-Fuel bombs But maybe if you hit Haifa we may indeed re-think our policy.

Time to wake up and see the world as it is. You are not in a position morally or militarily to issue threats. No amount of empty Rhethoric by Nasarallah can change that.

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 10:25:00 PM, Blogger Mojoski said...

The stupidity of this bluster from the vile Nasrallah makes me want to vomit on my keyboard. You lebanese bloggers posted this message? I pray it is not something you support or condone. If it is, then you will get what you deserve.

If it is not, then you should make your government start working to pull Hezballah back from the border and release the 2 Israelis. The battle can end tomorrow if the Lebanese people will stand up to these thugs and push them back.

Hezballah is nothing but a sick, sad pack of dogs ravaging your homeland to puff up their egos. They bring destruction to your homeland and yet you watch them on TV as if they were real leaders. Put them in their place once and for all. Otherwise you will share their place in the trash heap of worn out fascists and devils.

At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 6:14:00 PM, Blogger Ronen said...

As always, Hassan nasralla is hiding, among his warriors, behind children and civilians...

Why are the Hizbullah launching their missiles and rockets from inside the villages and cities?

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