courtesy of Amal

P.S. don't hesitate to send us your posts to publish, to express your support to our Lebanon!


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 11:21:00 AM, Blogger linalone said...

Very Clear, very expressive...

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 11:24:00 AM, Blogger lebanese_in_paris said...


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 11:53:00 AM, Blogger Ammar said...

صامدون هناك، ولكم إخوة يترقبون ويصلّون هنا. لبنان في قلوبنا.


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 12:27:00 PM, Blogger Suha said...

Demonstration in Tel Aviv:

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 1:07:00 PM, Blogger Israeli said...

Care to see our deads too? there are already 25. And more than 300 wounded.
Mistakes happen and civilians get killed, its terrifying, but this is a war. We had every right and no choice but to start it, since you don't want to bring us back the soldiers, and you don't anything to disarm HA that attack us whenever he wants.

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 1:47:00 PM, Blogger Sasmen said...

I wonder what is ur reaction Mr Israeli if the ones dead here are your family??

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 2:49:00 PM, Blogger zeinab said...

dear all
i guess this is a time to work after we pray for the souls of all these children and innocents martyrs in Lebanon... a time to work and send all the pictures and letters to western media. they might not publish it but they will sure have more burden on their conscious every time they write anything in the favor of Israel. i will send later a suggestion of a letter that can be spread ...

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 3:05:00 PM, Blogger zeinab said...

and as for you MR Israeli....FUCK YOU

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 3:32:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

dear all,

some of the comments on this blog aim at belittling the daily massacres in Lebanon so that they can sleep at night. my advise to you is to let them rant with the only argument they learnt since elementary school. do as I do, just ignore :)

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 3:59:00 PM, Blogger SC said...

You shed tears when your own are killed but are silent when hizbullah launches attacks for years against innocent Israeli towns.

Israel doesn't deliberately target civilians and that's all hizbullah is attempting to do. Meanwhile, you Lebanese on this blog are silent in condemning it and have been for years. Typical muslim response to aggression is to project all your own evil onto your enemies.

Your people in the south are getting what is coming to them. My advice would be to step in front of an Israeli missile and do us all a favor! zeinab, FUCK YOU.

Longing for a free Christian Lebanon!

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 4:09:00 PM, Blogger Olly said...

The situation in Lebanon at present is so tragic it makes a European want to cry. As Robert Fisk so poigniantly titled his polemic 'Pity the nation' once again we sit and do so. In whose interest is it to see a fledgling Arab democracy crushed by two rival powers who once again play thier battlegames on Lebanese soil? As civilians on both side of the border die, we must look at the impact on Lebanon. What happened to the 'Paris of the Middle East', once a tranquil and prosperous nation that whilst not living in perfect communal harmony at least could justifibly be the pride of the Arab world. My country was once a European power of immense magnitude but the powers that surrounded it could not accept this and carried out their wargames on her borders. In 1895 she was split in three and not until 1989 was she finally liberated. The Israeli response amounts to nothing less than war, but Hizbollah have played thier hand in desperation for recognition. 6 years after the Israeli withdrawal their postion is becoming increasingly redundnat. Why would Israel attack a democratic state? I pray that Hizbollah withdraw from Lebanon and peace and prosperity return.


At Sunday, July 16, 2006 7:05:00 PM, Blogger Shmulik said...

Olly: If you want to know why we have atacked a democratic state I have a simple answer. For 6 years lebanon has allowed the Hizballah to repeatedly kill and kidnap soldiers and civilians across the internatonal border In defiance of UN resolution 1559. eighter Lebanon is a sovereign state and therefore responsible for the attacks, In essence declared open war on Israel or lebanon is not a sovereign state (as they imply since they deny responsibilty for their border with Israel). If this is the case than they are not a democratic state, they are no a state at all. In this case it is our right and responsibilty to defend Israel with all our might. No European has cried out when our sovereignty was disregarded and when our people were murdered or kidnapped.

At Sunday, July 16, 2006 9:04:00 PM, Blogger rayhane najib said...

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