A Nation Amputated

(A Poem-a-Day, part of:
A Song (re)Cycle: Of Rage & Defiance; Of Grief; and Of Hope.
Part 1: Of Rage & Defiance)

(Originally written for May Chidiac, but now--unfortunately--to so many more.)

Today, we all lost an arm and a leg.
Today, from a distance, I cry a nation assassinated.
Today, I conjure a tingle in ghost limbs,
A word stuck under my skin,
A moan, a whimper.
Today, I pity my nation like I couldn't pity myself,
For today I love my nation like I couldn't love myself.
Today, in still images, I saw a dark horizon;
In torn metal, a stifled smile.
Pixelated and faded, a smile now contorted.

But silence,
You shall have none of it.
Shall elude you in your sleep.
And they will haunt you
Like slighted gods,
Like echoes of a scream.

We shall be your Medusa.
We'll grow a thousand words
For every tongue you trim;
We'll sprout a million songs
For every throat you choke.
And we shall rise,
Like your worst nightmare,
As if from a dream.


At Sunday, July 30, 2006 12:28:00 AM, Blogger peace_head said...

so sad...

why does lebanon have to bear the burden of the arab war with israel? plenty of other countries on the borders: syria, jordan, egypt...

it's just not fair. it must stop. nasrallah cannot keep on forcing this on all of lebanon.

At Sunday, July 30, 2006 4:24:00 AM, Blogger public relations disaster said...

nasrallah, believe it or not, is now supported by 80% of lebanese. contrary to israeli propaganda hezbollah is not limiting the movement of relief supplies through the south, they are not hiding among civilians, etc. people are seeing hezbollah as the only ones to stand up to israeli madness, having been abandoned to destruction by the 'free world'. all this, of course, will weaken hezbollah.


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