Doing a Favor

It was morning. She sat in the balcony, prepared her “sheesha” and black Arabic coffee. She looked down the hill to the international airport. Smoke was getting out of it changing the color of the sky which was supposed o be blue. The smoke was the result of night air raids by IAF. Here they come again. Sky is prepared to serve death as it was used to since July 12. She got used to the raids’ sounds. Whenever she panics again, she will know that a new weapon is being used. She remembers now 82. She was crossing an Israeli check point with her new-born child. When her husband stopped near the Israeli soldier, she covered her child’s eyes by her hands. She didn’t want to take away his innocence by presenting him to the people who always defend themselves in the others’ land.

Now she will pick up the telephone, try to catch a line and call her Palestinian friend. She will apologize for taking Palestinian news as a daily routine same as the Iraqis. After that she will go to a governmental school to help her friends I serving the refugees. She will meet orphan kids and widowed wives. They still hate Olmert. Ok, let her choose the right words. They hate him more than before.

Yesterday a truck full of aids was targeted by IAF. Who knows? Maybe it was full with weapons for Hizballah. Anyway, Olmert will destroy their homes, send them away to live in parks and valleys and then will accept to let aids enter the Lebanese Land.

Ps. If it was from anyone that not fully support his government, then let them don’t bother and send it cause it will destroyed.

She stopped before leaving the house and looked to her children’s pictures. They all support Hizballah at the main time. Let her present the terrorists for you: 2 engineers and a doctor. They surely have psychological troubles since they are supporting Hizballah. How come they do that? Don’t they know that Israel is doing them a favor at the moment?

Well let’s tell that to a doctor whose hospital was targeted and who everyday sees new strange injuries. Tell that to an engineer who can’t reach his job. Tell that to a Christian girl who lost her boyfriend in the attacks and who is by the way Shiite.

Ps. Shittes are human beings as well. Surprised?

She kissed the pictures, took a look on her house and closed the door behind her.

Who knows? Maybe, on her way back, sky will serve her Death. Maybe Israelis will defend themselves and do her a favor...


At Friday, July 28, 2006 6:35:00 AM, Blogger Fares said...

Nasralla is getting screwed by Iran
PEACE To Lebanon

At Friday, July 28, 2006 6:50:00 AM, Blogger Frank said...

I hear you,loud and clear, I wish others would also. In the begining, it was as if I wanted to forgive Israel for what they were doing. That it was a mistake, maybe it was true what they were saying, destroy Hezbollah because not even the Lebanese want them, but they don't have enough resources to stop them. Then the truth starts to emerge. Lebanon is Hezbollah, it is the people. I finally read the news that it was Israeli's going into Lebanon and being arrested, not Hezbollah going into Israel and kidnapping innocent Israeli's, that started the whole thing. It begins on false pretenses, then blame Lebanon for it.I hear you, and believe in the golden rule, but its not Bush's or Israels, "whoever has the Gold, makes the rules". Far be it from me to tell the fighters how to fight, but I'm sure they will learn from others.


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