Peace Rally for Lebanon

From Ghassan

The humanitarian situation in Lebanon, already catastrophic, is rapidly deteriorating. Civilian death toll is currently in the hundreds and continues to rise, many of them families and children. Because of the Israeli siege on Lebanon, food supply and medical aid to innocent Lebanese civilians is unreservedly obstructed. Destruction of civilian infrastructure, major roads and international highways prevents anyone from leaving or accessing sinistered areas.

The Lebanese-American community of Greater Boston, in support of the people of Lebanon, is organizing a peaceful demonstration and candlelight vigil Wednesday July 19th at Copley Square, Boston. The rally will begin at 5pm and will progress into a candlelight vigil until midnight.

We urge everyone to attend and help us voice our message to the world:


Please check the following website for more information (including contacts, dress code, flags and slogans): http://www.justiceforlebanon.com