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Dear all, I will post in what is following a support email that I have received from a British family living in Brussels, Belgium. Richard is the Head of the Control of VAT and GSP bases resources and ACOR secretariat at the European Commission In Brussels.

Dear Linalone,

We just want to tell you that we are shocked, devastated and appalled by the events in Lebanon. We do not understand the actions of Israël, but in any case we think that the attacks on Lebanon are unjustified and inexcusable. We hope that you and all your family - for you are OUR family too - are safe and well. Bon courage! We love you.

Cathy and Richard

And here is their reply to the above mentioned email:

Dear Linalone,

Yes of course you can use our message for any purpose you like. As a
British family living in
Belgium I can tell you that we are deeply
ashamed that the British government has not unconditionally condemned this
Israeli action. Punishing a whole people and destroying their country for
the actions of a minority that most Lebanese can do nothing to prevent
is totally unjustified. It will increase the widely held belief that
the UK and the USA don't care at all what happens to "mere" Arabs (not
even all of them Muslims in this case) and can only increase the threat
of terrorist attacks on countries that appear to condone what Israel is
doing. I am pleased that the EU has made some attempts at mediation but
the mediators clearly have not done enough to succeed in their mission.
I would personally favour international sanctions against
Israel to
bring pressure for an immediate end to this hostile action. Do Israeli
policy-makers and their supporters in the West really belive that they are
making the world a safer place? Bush used to say that about Iraq and
look what is happening there and, as a result, elsewhere in the world too
(London, Madrid, etc.). Again and again one has the impression that
intelligent people are incapable of looking at the possible consequences
of their actions.

Please give our love to your family and please try to stay as safe as
you can. We want to see you smile again soon.


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At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 5:18:00 PM, Blogger Mytwords said...

As a US citizen I am so very sorry and saddened (and furious) at what my government is doing to assist the Israeli terror against Lebanon.

At Wednesday, July 19, 2006 9:26:00 PM, Blogger a h m a d said...

Linalone, it is very relieving to hear free voices from the globe; people who seek the truth and are able to tell the difference of who is really terrorizing who. Thanks for sharing this with us.

At Thursday, July 20, 2006 12:05:00 AM, Blogger AbdulKarim said...

The British media seems to be in favour of Lebanon. Channel 4 News a couple of nights ago played Fairuz as they were reporting Lebanon which made it more dramatic.

At Saturday, July 22, 2006 3:57:00 PM, Blogger MaxZurich said...

One more blog trying to blame "the others"? "We do not understand the actions of Israël, but in any case we think that the attacks on Lebanon are unjustified and inexcusable" sounds symptomatic and sincere: we don't understand, but we know what's wrong... "for the actions of a minority that most Lebanese can do nothing to prevent" so in your opinion Israel should suffer silently? Here's to you, Israel: Be a big boy, get bleeded once a month, and who knows, maybe one day it'll stop on its own... Somehow, I have the impression that a real, honest and painful analysis of the facts is missing!


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