Toronto Manifestations

Dear compatriots & friends in Toronto and allover the world:

Please take note of the following updates:

1. A Mass Rally is taking place in front of the Israeli Consulate in Downtown Toronto.

Location: Israeli Consulate - 180 Bloor Street West (west of Avenue Road, north side of Bloor)
Date & Time: Sat. July 22 - 1:00pm

Organized by: Toronto Coalition to Stop the War
Endorsed by:
Canadian Arab Federation
Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation
Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
Muslim Unity Group - Toronto

People of all nationalities & backgrounds are welcome to participate!

>> Asda TV Crew will be there to cover this event: http://www.asdatv.com

Thanks Gaby & Fadia!

Again, we advise all involved to stay out of trouble. There may be a counter demonstration and frictions may occur. PLEASE remain calm and in control!

2. We ask all participants of last week's PeaceCry.com demonstration to return all Lebanese & Canadian flags which were distributed before the demo. These flags are the property of PeaceCry.com & were purchased SOLELY for demonstrations & events organized by same.Please call Tarek Karam: 416.876.0807 fro further details.

>> Full coverage sneak preview of last week's TO demonstration online: http://www.asdatv.com/online.html
This episode will be aired on Rogers TV Channel 10 this Sunday 23rd @ 10:00 AM and will be repeated on Friday 28th @ 7:00 AM.

3. The link of last week's TO demonstration photo album has moved to: http://www.PeaceCry.com/demo1

4. Check http://www.ShooFiMaFi.com/

Coverage on the Patriotic Lebanese March in Beirut . Update on the Lebanese Fun Festival in Ottawa etc...

5. An interesting report about possible Poison Gas used by the Israeli Army in the South of Lebanon.

Click here

Thank you all for your continuous support in these difficult times!

May God save our sweet Lebanon !

www.peacecry.com team