Unity? What unity?

I have been calling for peace and for putting internal pressure on Hezbollah to stop its violence, and now it seems that Hezbollah is the one pressuring the rest of us. People criticized me for offering a dissenting opinions and supposedly shattering our unity, while the pro Hezbollah forces in Lebanon and outside have been waging a fierce campaign against all the different factions. Nassrallah to Najah Wakim and all the rest of these guys, they have been attacking all those who stand against them, or have not supported Hezbollah, totally vilifying them, calling them traitors and maybe soon burning them at the stake.

It is shame, and it gives you a snap shot of what will happen if Hezbollah wins… the end of Democracy, the end of freedom of press and the end of Lebanon. Some of you will bombard me with comments saying look at Israel it is destroying Lebanon and killing its people, and if Hezbollah loses then we will be humiliated. That might be true. But this is reality and reality sucks. Nothing is totally black or white. All is gray and dripping with blood. Both prospects of this war are a nightmare; there is no solution that benefits us, the people of Lebanon. Everything benefits some external power. Iran or the USA. Israel or Syria. Our country is once more the battle ground for foreign powers using internal pawns. No matter who wins, Lebanon will lose!

Many will ask why not pressure Israel. Well I encourage you and will help you in this endeavor, but I have been here in 93 and 96 and that does not work and this time Israel did not start the violence, Hezbollah did and they have to make the first step to find a solution. Does this mean that I support Israel!! Not at all, as I repeatedly said earlier, I condemn all kind of violence, especially when it target civilians, no matter what are the reasons. And Israel methods of using excessive violence, targeting innocent and destroying infrastructure have been one of the reasons, among many others, that we are in this mess that keeps getting messier…

So where is the solution? I do not know, I am tired, I am sick of this whole thing and I feel helpless. Every time I call for peace I feel like I am committing high treason.
I feel that the county have been destroyed and its soul is slowly being poisoned, by hate, by fundamentalism. More and more people have picked up the rhetoric of war and violence. And people are still being killed, infrastructures is till being vaporized and Hezbollah are till being portrayed as heroes, with no end to violence in sight.

Real peace is the only way. All parties internal and external must understand that we do not care for any ideologies, religions, or dreams of grandeur. Let them keep their battle for the whole Umma, and their fantasies of destruction and death. We are sick of all this. We want peace and we want it now! No more war, not with Israel or Syria or anyone else. Nothing gets accomplished through violence nothing but death.

At the end it does not matter who is to blame and who started this, all what matter is that if you stop believing in peace, no matter how much it hurts at the moment, then we and our beloved country are really lost.



At Saturday, July 22, 2006 11:43:00 PM, Blogger MaxZurich said...

That's right and brave!
If there're enough others with your views, with enough faith and courage to go out to the streets, making sure to explain you love Lebanon - and only Lebanon - then, recent history shows you may have a chance!
I wish you courage and luck, and hope enough of both sides will read your views!

At Saturday, July 22, 2006 11:55:00 PM, Blogger sisyphos´ world said...

I have been to the protest rally in munich. I walked together with about 1000 people through the streets and we arrived at the place which was prepared with microphones and loudspeakers. A man started talking. A men with a muslim beard. After a few minutes he began to make hizballah propaganda and i went crazy and left the rally. Sad very sad, the muslim extremists are using anything and anyone to make their thing.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 12:46:00 AM, Blogger Aladdin said...

ما يسمى بالرأي العام "العالمي" (اللي عمره ما اجتمع إلا عشان ضرب القوى العربية) يريد "الانفراد" بجزب الله وحده - فإن تخلص منه سيستدير على الباقين (ولن ينفع عندئذ حبك للبنان!!)

اشكروا المقاومة وادعموها - الآن - وإن اختلفتم معها، لأنها - ببساطة - خط الدفاع الأول ضد عدو غادر ودموي وعدواني هو العدو الصهيوني.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:05:00 AM, Blogger Paul said...

I totally agree with what you are saying. And I am sure a lot of lebanese feel the same way.
This is not our war.
No matter who wins, we have lost. we are losing every minute.
I don't want to fight syria's war. I don't want to fight Iran's war. And i don't want to fight Israel.
Arabs and Israelis should stop using us as their playground, their experimental field.
Here we should step in as truly lebanese. We should agree among ourselves. It is our differences and
disputes that make us so vulnerable.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 1:31:00 AM, Blogger naja said...

Gee, thanks Aladdin for your bright and intelligent view. Obviously we're just imagining that we're under attack: the resistance has not only prevented israel from attacking us, it has also stopped it from entering Lebanon and managed to protect us. Don't you realise that Nasrallah fooled us all, lied to us all? Suppose for a second that Israel had handed back Chebaa and released all prisoners. Would you really trust that all his weaponry on display right now would have been thrown away happily with smiles all round? All this stupid talk of pride and arabism is bunk: why this timing? Who does it help? Think.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 2:41:00 AM, Blogger شيماء زاهر said...

لن اعتبرك خائن بالطبع حين تطلب السلام فهو مطلب أساسي ومشروع لأي شخص.أريد فقط أن أقول لك أن حزب الله هو قطرة الشرف العربية الوحيدة التي أراها الآن، وهو الأمل الوحيد بالنسبة..إسرائيل كانت ستضرب لبنان حتى لو لم يأسر حزب الله الأسيران كما حدث في عام 1982 وغيرها..أن لبنان الآن هو بدون مبالغة الحلم الذي أشعر أنه شيء نستحق أن نعيش من أجله..وهو قطرة الكرامة العربية التي أراها الآن وصدقني لا أرى غيرها...

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:15:00 AM, Blogger peace_head said...

hey bob,

see my post to hilal's comments about unity. i'm right on with you. i'm just afraid that there's no one left to disarm HA. the battle is lost. even if a miracle happens and siniora authorizes all means to disarm HA - who's gonna do it? the army, with its shiaa ranks? all we'd end up with is another civil war. israel? crush the phoenix once and watch it come back from the ashes, even stronger. israel has been there before and knows it simply can't win. us/eu intervention forces? why would they want a part in this mud, especially after their long history?

oh, i know, maybe the iranian elite guard! (sarcasm).

i'm sorry... thinking about this just makes me sad... it's a sad day for peace lovers around the world and it's sadder to think of the forecoming deaths...

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:24:00 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

Bob, your logic that an HA kind of an ideology is not compatable with a democratic and sovereign state is impeccable. Pretending that both can coexist is the epitome of foolishness and absurdity. Unless we are willing to think clearly and logically about the challenges that confront us then we will continue to live in an ever lasting cycle of violence and destruction. If we choose the latter then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 4:04:00 AM, Blogger jij said...

Bob and Ghassan, why don't you both make your selves helpful and go distribute sandwiches to refugees or something?

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 4:34:00 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

Don't be silly. You well know that the plight of the refugees and lessening their pain is a moral duty and an obligation to all. But this does not mean that we allow ourselves to use their plight as an excuse to throw away reason, rationality and responsibility.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 4:41:00 AM, Blogger jij said...

ghassan, I just love how you consider you point of view the epitome of "reason, rationality and responsibility." Orwell rolls in his grave tonight.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 5:10:00 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

Reason: If "A" did not provke "B" then reason suggests that "B" might not have reacted and if it did then its reaction will lack any justification

Rationality: To treat the symptoms without addressing the cause is not encouraged in any field.

A state is expected to carry out certain functions and if it does not then it is not up to the task and would be deemed a failure.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 6:51:00 AM, Blogger hashem said...

Ghassan and Bob,
Aren't we lucky to have you to educate us about philosophy of reason and rationality and hold the peace cliche right and left?
I'm so sick of philosophers like you.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 8:03:00 AM, Blogger Ghassan said...

I really expected a better argument from you based on some defensible facts rather than the resort to ad hominems. There is no better indication of the weakness and bankruptcy of a position that has to be defended only through ad hominems. I will not roll in the mud of the gutter with you.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 11:25:00 AM, Blogger Fakty said...

Israeli pictures
Whatever pictures put on the web from the Israeli side, doesn't justify their actions in Lebanon. A tyrant like Hitler committed grave and horrific actions against Israelis, actins that will always be in the mind of human beings as a shameful and disgusting part of our history. Nothing can make right what happened then, and certainly not the barbaric Israeli actions in Lebanon. Imagine, the very same people who suffered so much during Second World War, is now dismantling a neighboring country killing as they please.

President Bush and secretary of state Condoleezza Rite, together with Britons Prime Minister Tony Blair, say that the root causes must be taken into consideration when considering a possible solution to the crisis. However, after Iraq the confidence in them is limited even among the citizens of their own countries. As in many countries the major population is horrified over the Israeli actions, but their elected leaders seems to welcome whatever the Israelis throws at Lebanon. Other leaders have chosen to be silent fearing the response on their economy if they speak out. An outburst of cry from ordinary citizens are now required.

I don’t think another genocide against the Lebanese people led by the victims of Hitler, and backed by US and Britton can ever be accepted without charges of war crimes being filed against the perpetrators.

Pictures of Israelis dead or wounded is as horrific as those of Lebanese, the difference is that Israel is punishing every single Lebanese with the same slaughtering hands as Hitler used against them during the second world war, and not as proclaimed the Hezbollah.

The position taken by most Israeli politicians seems to underline that they have the support needed in form of US and Britton to continue the slaughter and dismantling of Lebanon. Listening to Shimon Perez comments in TV recently makes me wonder if its time for the Nobel Committee to revoke the Peace price admitted to him some years ago.

The hammer tactic that US have launched against other countries certainly doesn't seem to have the effect Bush-Blair has been hoping for, instead it has destabilized and led to an upraise that threatens with catastrophe.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 12:34:00 PM, Blogger MaxZurich said...

Only for those who want to think …who admit that while any war is terrible, solving terrible problems requires to put passion aside, rationalize and be brave… Hopefully those who like to use inflammatory rhetoric will stay at home… Yes, I know, it’s usually the other way around…

In any case, an outsider can't do much more than talk...

The facts are:
The war started after HA sent rockets to civilian areas in Israel, entered into the internationally recognized area of Israel, killed Israeli soldiers and abducted Israeli soldiers, in this order.
The Lebanese knew about the massive arms being shipped to HA and did nothing to stop it, or the HA’s use of them against Israeli civilians over the years.
The HA is a private army of a legitimate Lebanese party, probably stronger today than the Lebanese army. I’ll take is as a fact that it’s been funded by countries outside Lebanon, Syria and Iran, thus hijacking Lebanon’s sovereignty.

By all views, Israel has the right to defend itself. It would also make sense for it to defend itself such that this won’t happen again.

Given the number of Israeli bombings I find the number of Lebanese casualties (terrible by itself when referring to non-HA people) an indication that Israel is rather careful not to hurt civilians. Of course, in a war – especially with terrorists who intentionally mingle with civilians – you can’t guarantee that civilians won’t be hurt. Rhetoric will only add to their numbers, and yes, labeling hundreds of casualties after thousands of “exits” as Genocide is inflammatory!

So the only questions are whether Israel is following the right road to achieve its goals, especially given the possibility that Lebanon can’t rid itself from HA and that Israel can’t do it on its own, simply by military means, and whether the Lebanese are working towards a credible new situation.

I do believe that if all parties – and there’re many even without counting far-away interests – agreed to reason and rationalize based on these facts, instead of listening to blood-thirsty fringes from both sides, the first real step towards a credible solution will have been made.

So far I read about the Israeli demands for cease fire, demands that would guarantee Israel’s security without hurting the Lebanese’s; I haven’t read anything like that in any of the Lebanese blogs…

To be further honest, I don’t expect anyone in Lebanon to go out to the streets now for anything that may be seen as an understanding of Israel: this simply doesn’t happen in time of pressure. I think that the Israelis are lucky to have a parliament with Arab representatives who keep them thinking by always voicing the other side’s view: pluralism is strength as long as it doesn’t degrade into anarchy.

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 3:21:00 PM, Blogger BOB said...

Hasem and Jij

Why do you have to attack me personally, it is really demeaning for yourselves. I am presenting my opinion you can refute it or argue against it or even totally ignore it. But what will attacking me or Ghassan personally accomplish?

Your way is not the solution to this problem. There is enough violence outside, so try, just try to be rational and refrain from senseless and wasteful personal attacks, they only make you look bad...

Stop the violence and PEACE NOW

At Sunday, July 23, 2006 9:43:00 PM, Blogger hashem said...

Gus and Bob,
why woould you care? ma Israeliyyeh 3am yza'foulkom....neyyal albkom...neyyal Lebnen fikom....
kelna shayfeen elli 3am biseer....w allah Kbeer....wel 7a2 ma bemoot....iza mish msad2eeni...ask all the barbarian states ablon....
bass asafi 3ala hayk shabaeb metlkom.

At Monday, July 24, 2006 12:41:00 AM, Blogger BOB said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Monday, July 24, 2006 8:47:00 AM, Blogger Nightstudies said...

Bob, thank you for being couragous.

Dieing for a bad cause or for nonsense, just because there's an irrational mania among your people isn't courage.

Standing up for the truth, even though it loses you friends or even the approval of your family, now THAT'S real courage.

Stand up to liars who have the power to kill you, hang you from a lamppost, that's REAL courage.

Hating the Israelis, the way 100% of the Arabs and Persians do, that takes no courage at all. To be one of the crowd that all says the same mindless thing. Everyone agrees together, and no one tells the truth. It's not couragous to fool the heart with lies. A million people all thinking the same thing is dumber than an idiot who only drools.

At Monday, July 24, 2006 8:50:00 AM, Blogger Nightstudies said...

And don't lose heart. Amazing changes can come with a powerful democracy.

The war will evaporate one day like a puddle in the sun. A generation will forget that there ever was a war, and just get on with life.

At Wednesday, July 26, 2006 6:40:00 AM, Blogger MAZe said...

Getting high and philosophical of A provoking B and the theoratical consequences if A didn't porvoke B.

For some reasons, someone is forgetting the water issue, the spies network, the previous terrotarial violations, attacks on refugee camps and the current complete destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure. If you call this is US version of democracy... or hegemony.

hang on a sec: how about what happened to the two kidnapped soldiers and let's start a new middle east map? so that's what it's all about.

14 days and the highly sophisticated, democracy loving, UK&US supported apartheid "democracy", whats_that_an_ambulance?_lets_destroy_it!, lets_make_Peace_with_lebanon_by_flattning_whole_suburbs_may_be_they_will_love_us chooks still struggling to capture a few towns.

At Thursday, July 27, 2006 8:15:00 AM, Blogger Nightstudies said...

Maze there's so much propaganda in the middle east that it's impossible to think straight unless you weed out the lies.

And 99.99% of what's said is lies, and no one even bother telling the truth anymore, becase no one would listen.

There's no water issue: it's a lie
There's no land issue. Read the Israeli polls, "greater Israel" is dead and gone. Isrealis don't want to occupy any more land with Arabs - they know they can't live in occupied land and they won't survive trying. Israel should say that loudly so that the Arabs, who don't follow the polls, know it.
As for attacks on refugee camps, well war is war. If you want peace, you'll have to get the Arabs to agree to it too.

I think the real issue here is that Hezbollah has guided missiles now, and that's scaring the fuck out of the Israeli military.

Also I think the new Israeli government for the first time is run by people who don't know much about military.
And their new military advisers are crap. I think they overreacted.


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