John Bolton and UN

Drawn by the Cubian artist Aris


At Thursday, August 10, 2006 5:54:00 AM, Blogger Shayd said...

Oh No.

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 5:55:00 AM, Blogger Shayd said...

Yes, I have other comments later

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 9:35:00 AM, Blogger Fakty said...

In a normal world civilized nations would not bomb a country into ruins.

In a normal world civilized nations are able to see the difference between small children and the forces they are fighting.

In a normal world civilized nations doesn't hide behind "security" as reason for carrying out destructions never seen since WW2.

When the Jew's in late 1800's considered locations in Africa, South America and Palestine for the Jewish state, before finally settling on Palestine, they represented a minority of only 30 percent of the total population, and owed less than 7 percent of the land.

When UN in 1947 arbitrarily decided to give away 55 percent of Palestine to a Jewish state, they created the root causes of today’s conflicts in the Middle East. Those 55 percent has since expanded to include the rest of Palestine plus territory of neighboring nations. Then as now, US were vital in the decision-making, imputing their will on UN. The latter being to weak to play a role as bridge builder, has given US policy the cover of operating in accordance with the International community.

Peace in the Middle East under the present circumstances is an illusion. Hatred will continue to flourish, and wars will pop up every now and then until the root causes are finally dealt with in a way that is acceptable for people in the region. The kind of peace US is imposing will never work.

Sophisticated weaponry has provided Israel with the means to suppress the people in the region. However, forces are building up and as the conflict in Lebanon shows, they are ferocious fighters. If missiles start to rain down on Tel Aviv, it may prove too costly for US bias policy in favor of Israel.

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 3:54:00 PM, Blogger UncleSam said...

In a normal world civilized nations can control all elements of people within their border and do not allow rogue militia's to draw their country into war.
In a normal world a civilized nation would blame the fighters who use civilians as cover and hide their arsenals in neighborhoods for the deaths of civilians.
In an normal world, a country wouldn't be blamed as the aggressor after being attacked and it's citizens kidnapped! Just give back the damn soldiers! It's that easy!
The current "destruction" of your country pales in comparison to that of WWII, ever hear of carpet bombing entire cities? Millions of innocent civilians were killed in WWII, don't even try to compare. Israel is taking out the precise targets that it intends to, even going so far as to call the residents in the building and tell them to get out!
And in 1947 we tried to give Palestine their own seperate state but they rejected it! It stinks and life isn't fair but how many people who are fighting right now were even alive back then!? 90% of these people have never had their own Palestine, so how are they offended? It would be like Mexico trying to lay claim to Texas right now! The jews aren't going anywhere, period...get use to it.
The hatred you speak of is asymmetrical, the jews don't hate you, they just want to be left alone. When the Hezbo's, paletstinians, etc...start loving their children more than they hate Israel peace will prevail.

At Thursday, August 10, 2006 11:11:00 PM, Blogger Fakty said...

To UncleSam

I assume your trying to make a point of the things you have written, however, I for one will not sign up to your point of view in regards to the problems in the Middle East. The rogue militias you refer to didn’t draw Lebanon into war. Israel may use them as an excuse for the assault on Lebanon, but its clear for most people that their act of war has little if anything to do with Hezbollah or the two kidnapped soldiers.

The destruction and massacres Israel has committed may have had the intention to anger the Lebanese to revolt against Hezbollah, but their intentions have failed. Today more Lebanese support Hezbollah than ever, in fact the majority of people in the region seem today to be squarely behind them. With other words, the tactic has backfired.

You are of coarse allowed to have your opinions, but so are others. The Israeli actions in Lebanon points out that their aggression has nothing to do with the two soldiers. There were simply no reasons for punishing the whole Lebanese nation, if in fact the goal was the two soldiers.

I’m not a Lebanese (or for that sake a Palestinian), and yes, I know very well what carpet bombing is. Since WW2 the earth has been spinning around, and new technology have paved the way for weaponry supreme in comparison to those used in WW2. There is no need for carpet bombing to eliminate a target today, yet Israel seems to believe otherwise. I will characterize it as pure terror.

Another view of their tactic can be observed over Gaza, where Israeli jets fly very low over cities while breaking the sound barrier. The fractions opposed to the occupation are not harmed by this, and one must therefore conclude that the intention is to scare the shit out of the civilian population. It constitutes inhuman terror, nothing else.

The precise targets you say Israel is taking out on intent is actually what the majority of the world react against. Air strips, roads, bridges, and so on, in addition to bombing everything on wheels, even ambulances and supply to civilians in need, can hardly be considered legitimate targets. The fact that Israel is using US precision guided weaponry points out that the targets they hit were meant to be hit. When dead bodies of children, women and old civilian are carried out from one of these sites, it is meaningless to use the words “a mistake” as Israel often do.

When you say you tried to give Palestinians their own separate state, it sounds like a dictation. I do advice you go back in history and see what really took place, then you might understand why the Palestinians will continue their struggle until a fair and just solution is reached. The partition done then and the deportation of Arabs are not justified just because years has passed by.

Groups like Hezbollah has shown the Arabs that Israel can be defeated, and the terrible consequence might be that a much more sophisticated armory starts raining down on Israeli cities. Pease can’t be dictated, but it can be won through diplomacy. Personally, I have nothing against Jew’s and I believe peace in the region will benefit all parties.

I do believe the Lebanese and the Palestinians love their children as much as Jew’s do. I also believe that peace will never prevail as long as the root causes are not solved. Missiles will never remove the Palestinians resistance, nor will a Berlin wall. If ever there is a time for Israel to consider other options its now, after the yellow flags of Hezbollah has opened cracks in their supremacy.


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