What will you say? (check the link in title)

What do I say to that little girl?
the Israeli spokesperson apologized..
get over it?
what do I say?
while the children of the "civilized" nations
are sheltered from harm
while their internet is being monitored
and their TVs controlled
to protect their little eyes
and their sensitive minds
while daddy brings home the cereals they like
and mommy tells them a story
that caresses the imagination and the soul
what do i tell my children?
the children of my Lebanon
do I say you had to die?
do I say you had to watch you mommy die
and your daddy lose a leg?
do I say thank the leaders of the world
do I say you died for a reason?
do I say you’ll forget
do I say I’ll keep you from harm
do I say I will build you another home?
What do I say to the children of Qana?
And all the Qanas
To the mothers of Qana?
Who died hiding their babies
In their bodies?
Died fused with the concrete
Burned alive…
Do I say they’ll pay the price?
Do I say we will survive..
Do I say it’s the price of justice…
Do I say the world is safer
And who’s world?
Do I lie?
Do I lie and tell them you feel their pain?
Do I lie and tell them you will never make it happen again?
Do I lie to their pure souls and say
They stopped to mourn for you
You died this ugly way
But the world will look after your brothers and sisters now
What do I say to our children?
Stay put and wait for your turn?
My love, my soul, my whole…
My reason for life,
Stay there and I’ll protect you?
I’m here in a “civilized” world
Working in a humane field
Being a good person
For you?
And as I might not see you ever again,
Holding my breath and praying,
He can’t sleep without his blanket
Did mommy remember to pack it as she fled my love?
And he has asthma
Did mommy get you your medicine my love?
As you screamed and went hiding in your mommy
As you heard the bombs
did she make you feel safe?
where you scared when you died?
What do I say to you my love?
Do I say I can’t do anything to take away your pain?
Do I say I cry everyday?
What do I say?
What will you say?


At Wednesday, August 09, 2006 8:33:00 PM, Blogger ana said...

Up to now i was heart by what i saw everyday and i wandered what do people involved directly feel like. Today, as i read this testimonial i could feel what they feel. It's to mutch pain, and it doesn't have any possible positive results...it's to mutch pain, to mutch pain... Can everyone put themselves in this peoples shoes? I think there is no space for anger and revenge...just to mutch pain! I give you all my love an my prayers


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