Smart bombs and stupid people part 1: Targetting UN compounds

Israel Chorus Child, cheat sheet:

1- You can say anything you like as long as you get the last word, ALWAYS get the last word.
2- Pretend you didn’t hear your opponents arguments, regurgitate the same answers ALWAYS.
3- Play with the keywords, we have provided you with a rich dictionary of powerful keywords… other people like you are making them famous too! Think marketing and focus, the keywords ALWAYS win

The keywords (TAGS):
terrorist, collateral damage, precision bombing, shred of evidence, allegations, pin point accuracy, lobbing missiles, mistakes

The ultimate News Channel dialog:

Outrageous news from Lebanon, 50 civilians killed by Israel in one day of fighting.
Israel Chorus Child:
Yes but that's because terrorists are hiding amongst civilians... It’s collateral damage.

J.: Oh my God, it's 100 already, many children...
I.C.C.: Yep we told you before, we're saying it again TERRORISTS, tis’ all the fault of terrorists... They were hidden and we had to 'smoke them out'... But we're using precision bombing, you gotta give us that one!

J.: Listen, it's 200 already, come on?!?
I.C.C.: Nope, it's the terrorists, they did it again, no way you can blame it on us! Do you have any ‘shred of evidence’ that Israel is targeting civilians or that they’re all civilians, maybe they're terrorists dressed up as civilians!?!? huh! Don’t base your allegations on news reports!

J.: Duuuuude, it's flippin 300 civilians, children are 40%, are they blind or something, you said precision bombing, no?!
I.C.C.: It's the terrorists fault, are you deaf? And they should be glad it's just 300, coz if it wasn't for those precision bombs and pin point accuracy, many more would be dead... many many more (and he shakes his head)… You should thank Israel for being so merciful! Do you have any idea how expensive and precise those precision bombs are? We're bleeding here...

J.: Look, it's 450 civilians already, is the guy aiming dyslexic? are you f**** counting?
I.C.C.: It’s the fault of the terrorists, they’re lobbing missiles over the border, the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces are a highly trained bunch of smart chaps... you can't find like them no where in the world, we’re the strongest… What you refer to as civilian deaths are mistakes, glitches, these things happen at war, come ohhhnnn (O’Reilly style)… why don’t you call these things by their name? 450 glitches dead! And some of them are even small too, didn’t you say there were 40% children?

J: But the U.N. got attacked too, is the guy aiming retarded? 4 peace keepers killed, the Israelis knew their position all along, they were communicating with them the whole time!? Kofi is mad as hell, he says it's been done deliberately... he says there's no other explanation!
I.C.C.: Israel has the right to protect itself, now you can't blame the poor 19 years old Indiscriminate Destruction Forces solider who was pointing his laser gun at the building so the F16 could hit it... it was late, he was tired in enemy territory and confused, he's never been to a real battle before... he made a mistake and lazed (exact terms) the wrong building, so WHAT, it’s the fault of the terrorists for hating us!! And… well, Kofi has always been a problem child and he’s getting old (whisper: we should get Bolton at this place).

(the last dialog is a transcript of a dialog on Fox with a retired US army general)
(I said retired not retarded)

And at the end, notice how the terrorists lob their missiles and the Indiscriminate Destruction Forces precisely target the terrorists. And how no one seems to have a shred of evidence that 450 civilians dead, 750,000 displaced, 4 Billion Dollars in civilian infrastructure damage is a deliberate act!

And shut up, he gets the last word: Israel has the right to protect itself


At Saturday, August 05, 2006 3:09:00 AM, Blogger jij said...

"come ohhhnnn (O’Reilly style)". LOL

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 4:18:00 AM, Blogger MAZe said...

you forgot to prounce it correctly: Khizballah, terrrorrr and terrrrorrrrist.

Israel is a democracy where the israeli public get to choose their prime minister - sorry their terrorist of tel aviv.

How can a nation establish itself 58 years ago and have so many people despise it? Ahh, an aparheid nation built on religious fundamentals and misery of other people wrapped in a thin veil of democracy and some USA topping... and best of all it's paid for by the ever enlightning beacon of freedom and democracy USA. Sounds like a made up sandwich and it tastes awful!!

At Saturday, August 05, 2006 4:05:00 PM, Blogger Marwa said...

El hay2a zimplistic 2al kel el baddou y2oulou :)

What's more irritating is the way the rest of the world falls for it. But hey, the truth always prevails.


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