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And on the counterpunch,
What Israeli Police Documents Reveal About the Occupation of Palestine
In the Name of Security
Article by Amira Hass
"Cohen's research relies mainly on police documents from the period, which have recently been opened for public perusal (the Shin Bet documents are still classified). They relate, for example, that the provision of weapons to collaborators by the local authorities was a way of rewarding them. However, the security forces' liaison committee mentioned in 1949 that "the distribution of weapons to an element or members of one group is likely to be useful to us; it will create the desired tension among the various parts of the population and enable us to control the situation." The security agencies, Cohen reveals on the basis of written documents, occasionally even initiated internal conflicts.

Moreover, the regional committee for Arab affairs in the Triangle (the body that coordinated among the various security agencies in this region) "does not approve of providing the residents of the region with higher education," according to the minutes of a 1954 meeting, and the committee worked to prevent Arabs from being accepted to institutes of higher education. Cohen allows himself to speculate that the motive was its desire to prevent the creation of an educated class that would succeed in organizing and making demands of the state." Full article here.


At Monday, September 25, 2006 5:41:00 AM, Blogger SC said...

How does this telate to Lebanon?

Posting articles by left-wing self-hating Jews is not helping the Lebanese people.

At Saturday, September 30, 2006 9:42:00 PM, Blogger Rhiannon said...

Oh YES. A very good video. It's sad how uneducated people are about the Middle East. The terror inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH LEBANON. It also has to do with Iraq and Afghanistan.

The only self-hating 'jews' I saw were the IDF soldiers committing their barbaric crimes on a defenceless Palestinian population. Please don't start with the big rocks - the VERY big rocks. I didn't see any in the video. And besides, they are NOTHING compared to the tanks, machine guns and bombs all lovingly paid for by USA tax dollars.

North America and UK need to understand what is going on with Palestine. It is in their best interests.


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