Five Cents Worth: Look who's Talking

(Disclaimer: No disrespect to any denomination is intended in this article)

Ever seen the movie Anger Management? If you keep driving someone mad, first unintentionally, and then intentionally, on what grounds can you weigh sanity? I don’t like religious figures. (That's a full stop). I can respect them as people, but I don’t really grant them more worth. I'm angry. I'm getting angrier. Somone just hijacked a plane to pass on a message to Pope Benedictus. Hopefully, someone will pass along this message as well to Benedict. Fundamentalists and Radicals on all sides are HIJACKING our minds. They are absolving themselves and accusing others. Nice try, won't work.

Now what I don’t like is hypocrisy. The whole world went bizerk with the Pope's statements on Prophet Mohammed. What the pope said, could have said, should have said, meant, should have meant, and so on is his own business – or is it? Naaa… Being the head of the Vatican makes him more of a target of criticism than a source of one. My favourite. [Full Article]


At Wednesday, October 04, 2006 9:42:00 AM, Blogger francois said...

he hidjacked the ariplane to avoid going back to turkey... as he converted himself to catholism


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