Last Call !!

The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) award voting has reached its last 3 days. As you know by now, my Arabic blog (Nostalgic Story Teller) is nominated for the best Arabic weblog award. It is swinging between the first and the second place. The results are very near, You can find them here.
The deadline ends by November 11th. I would be grateful if you helped me to win this award.
You can vote here. Just scroll down to the title: "Best Weblog Arabic", where you can find my blog (Nostalgic Story Teller) listed. All what you need is to select the blog and write your email, and to be sure to type the code appearing in the box. Make sure as well to tick the "I've read the fine print" box.
Ps. If you vote, you can enter the lottery for an iPod Video. Who knows? maybe you are lucky ;)
Wish me luck!
Regards, :)


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