Being a Lebanese

First I would like to thank Liminal for this great idea, and for allowing me the chance to participate in this blog.

For me being Lebanese means being tolerant and free. I truly believe, especially after what I saw in the funeral of Rafic Hariri, that we are one people and we can live together as citizens of the same nation.

But this acceptance, this freedom that is inherent in our people, is both our blessing and our curse. For we have always believed and fought for other people’s and nations’ causes, never ours.

Those days are behind us. We have shed torrents of blood for the Palestinian cause, for the Arab cause, for Syria, for…

No more. A free Lebanon is our only possible nation and our only cause!

For me being Lebanese is being free to love my country and only my country!

One more thing, Monday there is a demonstration planned against the government. I urge you all to attend even though the army is already being deployed in force – my father just saw a full army column going down to Beirut- but the time for fear and apathy is behind us. I will be there, and I am sure many more will also participate in our Independence march.


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