Three New Blogs!!!

Protocol calls for a method to notify you of fantabulous new discoveries online. If you email me new Lebanese blogs, I will dutifully add them with joy and no compunction whatsoever. Why? Because I love my Lebanon!!!! Eve gets the marvelous credit for these three delectable verbal treats. They are in order of appearance, Lebanese Female Diary, Maldoror's World, and A Window in Lebanon. Thank you again Eve! Support grassroots Lebanese voice via blogs and go visit our new friends listed on the right and just above!!!

Between all of you and me, I do what I do here because I love you and I love Lebanon. If you'd like to join our humble little group, you are more than welcome...as long as you are Lebanese and willing. Just email me (((( liminal.symbol at gmail dot com )))) . You will shortly thereafter receive an invitation. Just accept and I'll list you as a contributor. And you'll be ready to contribute here at LBF! Simple as that!

Now, I must gallavant into the morning dew and lift heavy objects. I hope I'll be seeing more of you. It would make me happy!

Good day and Good night if you are in our dear Lebanon!


New Today: 3
Total: 33


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