A Lebanese Abroad

Enjoy the words of Thinking Man at A Lebanese Abroad. I look forward to reading his take on matters.

What he says here rings with truth:

From Naharnet, "Hoss, who is widely tipped to head a government of national unity, is scheduled to travel to Damascus Sunday or Monday to meet President Assad."
I don't have a problem with Lebanese politicians visiting Damascus, but why do so before being appointed? Does Chirac consult with Blair before forming his government or Bush with Martin, etc.? Isn't it obvious that this is a flagrant evidence of going to Syria to seek approval from Assad and get lectured on what they can or cannot do? Don't they know that the ENTIRE world is looking at Lebanese politics now with a microscope?


At Wednesday, March 09, 2005 5:17:00 AM, Blogger ThinkingMan said...

Thank you for your great blogs also. Let's keep it up, and stay tuned for more.


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