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I thought I would ignore it, but this has been driving me up the wall. Liminal, I don't think your post relating to the visit of the US secretary of state, Dr. Condoleezza Rice to Lebanon should remain here as it is. True, you are an administrator of this forum, and I am but a measely contributor. True, you have every right to have an issue with the US government relating to Iraq. True you have every right of not agreeing with, hating, making fun of or insulting them.

I do not think, however, that it's ok to post insults on a blog that represents Lebanese bloggers. I do not think that descending to profanity is a way to make yourself heard.

We all have the right to our own personal political views, but let's look at things without bias. The woman came to Lebanon and not to Syria, making a point of supporting the Lebanese in their new-found independence. She promised support, and was nothing but positive. She berated Syria for it's trade embargo, and for the attempts at destabilizing Lebanon. She conceded that Shebaa was Lebanese.

What was wrong with all of the above?

Again, this is not a call for censorship, you all know that I am very vocal when it comes to stating my opinions. Each of us is entitled to that. However, much as I feel with the Iraqis suffering daily, it has very little to do with Lebanon. We need to draw the line between criticism, and ignorant profanity.

I vote you modify the post in question.


At Wednesday, July 27, 2005 11:59:00 PM, Blogger callipyge said...

I second that motion!

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 12:26:00 AM, Blogger Eve said...

It doesn't mean I agree with your political convictions Tempest, but I do ask Liminal to modify the language of his post. As for his personal beliefs, he's entitled to write whatever he wants.
On the other hand, the separation of conflicts in Irak and Lebanon, which you stated in your post, (as in anywhere in this region if you want) does not stand as a point! Lebanon is not an island.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 12:29:00 AM, Blogger Tempest said...

eve, I said that he was free to write whatever he wanted. But I have issues with the language mainly. My problem with the context is that he attacks her for the US/Iraqi conflict, which is not, imho, a valid reason to attack her visit to Lebanon and its' ramifications.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:28:00 AM, Blogger Delirious said...

I second the motion too!

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 12:08:00 PM, Blogger Rampurple said...

I agree with tempest... A while back I got attacked for not being "nice" about Lahoud! I was told to use proper language and to edit my post... therefore if I am expected to act that way then I expect everyone else to do the same as well. If we don't then all of us contributors well feel free to swear at anyone we wish to.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:30:00 PM, Blogger liminal said...

I'll only take out infah phrase. You will not censor me. If you don't like what I wrote, I'm sorry.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the contributors to please contribute more.

Peace folks. I'm having a stressful time regarding many things, so I'll just ask you forgive me for my witty interjection.

Remember, when you cannot criticise your leaders...that's a sign that bad things are afoot.

I'll put in something a little lighter there instead.

But the rest of the post will remain. I don't go quashing your posts now, do I?

And I'm sure you wouldn't like me to.


At Thursday, July 28, 2005 6:33:00 PM, Blogger liminal said...

nothing you said here changes the fact she lied and now people die and are dying as a result of it.

so, you certainly have no right to tell me to take that out of my post.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 7:18:00 PM, Blogger callipyge said...

It's not about us not tolerating criticism. Its about your views not being representative of the people featured on this forum.
Is this "Liminal & Eve's Lebanese Forum" or is this a truely collective "Lebanese Forum", a showcase for blogging activity in our tiny tiny country? If the former is true, then be my guest and write anything you desire. If, however, the second is true, you have to take into account the fact that your views may not be a reflection of what others think. What is this forum for, anyway? To discuss among ourselves? Or to show the internet world that there *is* a talented lebanese blogging community out there? Have criticism ahoy, if you must, it is encouraged, but please do it tastefully and maturely. Putting unsubstantiated cuss words in a post is, imho, as offensive to the reader's eye as putting up pictures of headless babies.
To sum up my point: be yourself, but do not forget to be smart in the process.
OK, I'll stop rambling for now.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 7:20:00 PM, Blogger soraya said...

liminal... of course do not take out your post. you are absolutely right in every word.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 7:52:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 8:17:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

"Liminal and Eve's Forum"? my dear, what you are talking about here proves the complete opposite. If you go back to our first posts in this forum, you'd find that our policy is: "free expression without insulting anyone". We are asking Liminal to take back those insults, not to modify his opinion. Liminal's post carries his signature, and he's responsible for his own words. As for not representing people in this forum, let me tell you that just as Lebanon has a mixture of political views, so does this forum. So, if you don't accept a certain view, be a contributor yourself, and express your opinion. "Be Youself", "Write tastefully and maturely", and I assure you, I won't label you under "callipyge and Co's blog".
no hard feelings.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 9:03:00 PM, Blogger callipyge said...

Whatever the hell that meant

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:13:00 PM, Blogger Firas said...

This is a broader comment, but I think we need a mission statement. A concise and unambiguous statement of what is the purpose of our collective efforts on this blog. There is a posting policy & guidelines that was drafted in the begining, but that is different from a mission statement.

At Thursday, July 28, 2005 10:56:00 PM, Blogger Eve said...

Firas, you brought me back to the old days by mentioning this link :) Where has Zounazar disappeared anyway? Zounazar, we miss you, come back! Anyway, as for you suggestion, I think this requires an administrator deliberations.

At Friday, July 29, 2005 12:42:00 AM, Blogger Ramzi said...

I don't expect each contribution to represent my views as a Lebanese Blogger nor do I aim to do the same when I contribute.

The posts don't even have to be about Lebanon at all! If a Lebanese posts, then the post is Lebanese, the blog is Lebanese, the forum is Lebanese.

Taking out offensive language needs no discussion of course. And that is done. Let's move on, hmmm?

At Friday, July 29, 2005 1:02:00 AM, Blogger Rampurple said...

i'm with ramzi... when i second this motion it wasnt because of what you said, but the offensive language u used. you are free to say all u wish... and so is the rest

At Friday, July 29, 2005 2:08:00 PM, Blogger Tempest said...

Ok. I still disagree with you by and large, liminal, but that's the beauty of this group. I said it twice before, and I'll say it again, I wasn't calling for censorship of your opinion. I respect that, i admire it (for the most part), and like all the rest, it's a valuable keg in the LBF machine.

It was about the insults all along, and now that the major one has been removed, we have no qualms.

At Friday, July 29, 2005 4:24:00 PM, Blogger a h m a d said...

I totally agree with Ramzi.


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