Kais's first post

I am guilty of not posting anything here, not even an introduction to thank those who invited me (Eve, thank you). I work in journalism and live in Washington, that much I can reveal. I am relatively new to the blogosphere, but you can tell that I enjoy blogging tremendously. Here is an excerpt from my latest post on From Beirut to the Beltway. In the future, I will post something exclusive to this blog.

When the big bad wolf was banished to the lion’s old forgotten farm, the warring dogs of the newly liberated state found that the citizens of their shrunken conflict zone, a handful of sheep and cows that inhabit a grassy hill called Shebaa, had little appreciation for heroism and egotistical freedom-fighting. Their sacrifices, at one time hailed and worshipped by many, risked becoming dust-collecting trophies from a long gone era. Desperate for fresh bounty, the warring dogs turned to the lion in the jungle of failed causes and barked a long painful: now what?

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