I'm sad, disgusted and Angry.

Listening to more speeches on the tv, I turned from devastation to disgust to sheer anger with this whole matter. Our great Gibran is dead, and because I worship Life; I can't say his time has come, he's happier now, he didn't die. Gibran DIED. He's not here with us. Some will say that for comfort, but when I say that, I feel that I threw Gibran's blood away. The man was murdered and someone, some animal, did this; this someone killed Gibran Tueni. He must be brought to justice and everyone must know who it was.

I was listening to Nahar's journalist Roula Mouawad just now, and I add my voice to hers: "We can not forgive before knowing WHO did this", not SPECULATING, KNOWING. WE must know; the Americans and the French may bring us the international court, but WHILE WAITING, we LOST Gibran Tueni. This is not something worth waiting for.

Another year may pass and we might have more martyrs, when will the Lebanese government actually DO something. In Britain, it took a week, in Spain a bit more, in Jordan also a week to hunt down the criminals. They didn't use laser or some technology we can't buy; they used cars. I also just heard that a while ago, a historic mosaic was stolen from the village of Shhim. It was retrieved and the robbers were caught in no time. A MOSAIC. 1 year, 15 blasts, more than 50 assassinated. NOTHING. We can't just say Ghazeleh, if ghazeleh goes, ten others can take his place. Who's the guy putting the damn thing under the car, that guy is here in Lebanon, free, and until now victorious.

Do something, the government must attack. NOT defend itself. How can Hezbollah blackmail us, they have destroyed every chance of action since first entering the government. Leave in dignity, and let there be decisions; decisions that will hopefully save the next target of the comfortable killer.

I'm just outraged. How can men like these be such easy targets in this 10452 km2 land, show us some policemen storming a house, ANY house, tell us you're making an effort; not just writing poetry and waiting for the international court to take place in a year or so, with the killers already knowing they have nothing to lose; they will keep on killing.


At Thursday, December 15, 2005 11:37:00 AM, Blogger Assaad said...

It is very painful to see the elites of our Country leaving us slowly...! Our Security forces are powerless!!!!
As for HA Ministers (or even chiite Ministers), i am sad to see that they continue to defend the interests of Syria! What the hell they are doing and why!?

At Friday, December 16, 2005 1:59:00 AM, Blogger serge said...

I share your sadness disgust and anger.
I don't really know who to blame.
HA is the easy target.
But what about the minister of Interior
and the minister of defense?
If they were incapable to protect
the man who was number one on the
infamous hit list;what the hell are
they doing?
Do we have a government?
what do they govern?

At Friday, December 16, 2005 11:40:00 AM, Blogger Assaad said...

True, we don't have solid security forces... we are weakkk, but if we are not unified, we can build anything!

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