Calling Out to You

It is so easy to say I give up and that I have lost hope in Lebanon... but I have not.

This is my first political post in at least 6 or 7 months...

You see, Gebran Tueni was the person who gave me hope through his editorials, through his interviews, and through his speeches. He did not lead a political party, he wanted the youth of Lebanon to get out of the ancient structure of Lebanese political structure and to think on their own. He did not want the Lebanese youth to follow warlords but to be united... just like they were on March 14th, Christians, Muslims, and Druze all united for the cause of Lebanon.

How do I see this event unfold? I think on the streets, the youth might get either extremely hopeless or full of rage. Either ways is not a good thing. I see politicians talk as much as possible and do as little as possible.

Gebran Tueni was respected by most political parties and religions. He himself is an Orthodox but his mom is Durzi... his uncle is Marwan Hamadeh, the man who they attempted to assassinate around a year ago. He was married to Michel El Murr's daughter, and they share a child together. He was remarried again a few years ago, his wife just gave birth to twins a couple of months ago.

I do not want to point fingers at who did this because such actions can easily cause a civil war and I believe the game of chess being played in Lebanon at the moment is much larger than us and a lot of under the table deals seem to be going on.

I know that I, as a Lebanese citizen, believe it's time stability is asserted in Lebanon. I would like to at least have the option to move back to Lebanon... a stable and secure country. I would love to see Lebanon develop the way it was supposed to. How do I believe it should be done so? No outside interference of any sort. All warlords be silenced. Let all politicians understand that we hire them and pay them to do certain duties, and if we see that they are not placing any effort in accomplishing those duties then they will not be re-elected. Therefore, the population should be educated and taught not to follow people or parties but to seek for people who can get the job done.

I know about myself, that I will miss looking forward to reading Gebran Tueni's editorials, I will miss his voice while he speaks out to me telling me not give up, and I will miss him standing next to us when we need his support to be heard. Allah yerhamak ya Gebran...


At Monday, December 12, 2005 2:09:00 PM, Blogger raf* said...


couldn't agree more.


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