I salute you...

I excused myself from work so I can go home and watch Gebran Tueni's funeral.

Me and my parents sat around the television watching Lebanon laying Gebran to rest alongside with his companions who got killed with him. I wished I was there, I had to be there to clap, to cheer, to tell him we will continue and not give up.

People from all over Lebanon went to bid him farewell. President Lahoud has not appeared. President Lahoud has failed several times during this year in protecting and uniting his people. He is a father that does not protect his own house, instead he keeps the doors open inviting everyone to come in to grab and snatch every piece of dignity this family has. He never knew his family was as strong as we are.

Gebran was not a leader. Gebran was one of us. He took advantage of his ability to reach out to the world with his pen telling the world what the youth of Lebanon wants. Gebran was our voice to the world. He was a leader in journalism, being the first person in Lebanon to courageously speak his mind and he courageously did so no matter the amount of threats he received.

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At Wednesday, December 14, 2005 7:06:00 PM, Blogger ghassan said...

May his sacrifice and that of others not be in vain. May we prove to be worthy of their sacrifices.


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