Arab's Best Stand Up Comedian: Bashar Al Assad

Watching Syrian President Bashar Al Assad speak on Saturday made me laugh... it did! I must admit this guy knows how to talk to his people and to encourage them as well as feel patriotic. But honest to God though... a lot of what he said makes no sense to me as a Lebanese and am glad someone wrote about it!

Jumblatt said: "Assad called our majority a casual occurrence that will not last for long. In fact, the Assad dynasty is the true intruder in Syrian society and will soon will overthrown."

The above statement did make me laugh when Assad said it! He also claimed that our majority is actually a minority! Please explain!

Regarding the disputed Shebaa Farms, Assad said demarcating the border between Lebanon and Syria is an Israeli requirement that, rather than benefiting Lebanon or Syria, would only harm the resistance and serve Israel. He further said it was not Syria's responsibility to prove that the Shebaa Farms belonged to Lebanon.

I really do not understand his logic. Once the demarcation of the border is completed (if it will ever be done), and it in return provides evidence that the Shebaa Farms is actually Lebanese land, then it would give more power to the resistnace, hence Hizubllah. They would have a purpose to remain as a "resistance power" ... resisiting Israel from Lebanon. Now, if the Shebaa Farms turns out to be Syrian land, then the Lebanese, in it's democratic system can decide whether they would like to continue having a resistance power on it's land fighting for the Israeli cause or they can say "hey! we rather take care of our internal issues now rather than fight for someone else's cause." In that case, if Syria feels the need to have a resistance power in it's own land in order to free it's land, the Shebaa Farms and the Golan heights, then Syria should welcome Hizbullah to fight from it's own land.

"The Syrians should become accustomed to the fact that Lebanon is an independent country and that an independent Lebanon supports Syria better. It's not in Lebanon's interest to stand against Syria," Saniora told reporters after meeting King Abdullah II on Sunday.

Saniora refuted President Bashar Assad's claim that demarcating the border between Lebanon and Syria at the Shabaa Farms was an Israeli demand aimed at hurting Hizbullah. He said such a clarification would be in everyone's interest as it would help liberate the area from Israeli occupation."This demarcation of borders is a national operation and every piece of Arab land that is liberated from Israeli occupation is an Arab victory and Lebanese victory," Saniora said.

Now what really gets to me, is that countries such as Syria used to have very strong ties with the US and other foreign nations. It is countries such as Syria that used to listen to the foreign interference (when it was in their advantage of course). At that time, they did not come out to say that such a thing is Anti-Arab, etc. I am against foreign interference but I do not accept such a man to come and tell me that my beliefs are pro-Israeli. My beliefs, principles, and political thoughts are pro-Lebanese. As a Lebanese citizen, I want ALL foreign troops and interference to be kicked out of Lebanon. I do not want to fight for anyone else now. I want to solve my own issues, my own problems. Think of it this way, I have a house where everyone was welcome to come play, fight, etc. As a result, my kids got disturbed and my furniture got messed up. I decided to kick everyone out, place a fence around my house, check that all my kids have their necessities if not more, and refurnish the house. It is MY right to do so.

I have to say... I really do miss Gebran Tueni. I miss reading his weekly editorials .... I miss his presence on TV. I wonder what his editorial would have been like this week after Bashar Al Assad's speech! I am sure it would have me proud and made me smile ;)


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